General invited lectures

  • 1. Carlos Matos Ferreira (IPFN, Instituto Superior TÚcnico, Lisboa, Portugal)
    "Microwave driven air-water plasmas"

  • 2. Nikolai Trushkin (State Research Center of Russian Federation TRINITI, Russia)
    "Steady-state and pulsed-periodical regimes for generation of non-thermal plasma jets at atmospheric pressure"

  • 3. Roberto Celiberto (Politecnico di Bari, Italy)
    "Electron-molecule collision processes in non-equilibrium molecular plasmas"

  • 4. Michael Bonitz (Christian-Albrechts-Universitńt zu Kiel, Germany)
    "Complex plasmas - a laboratory for self-organization"

  • 5. Ute Ebert (Centrum Wiskunde & Informatica in Amsterdam, The Netherlands)
    "Thunderstroms as electron accelerators and the discharge zoo above the clouds"

  • 6. Antoine Rousseau (LPP, Ecole Polytechnique, Palaiseau, France)
    Crookes Prize Lecture, "Streamers and discharges at liquid and solid interfaces"

  • 7. Kostya Ostrikov (CSIRO Materials Science and Engineering, Australia)
    "Small energy for small things: plasma nanoscience for a sustainable future"

  • 8. William G. Graham (Queen's University Belfast, UK)
    "Plasmas in Liquids and their Applications"

Topical invited lectures

  • 1. Jan Benedikt (Ruhr-Universitńt Bochum, Germany)
    " Plasma chemistry in the effluent of a He/O2 microplasma jet: the role of VUV photons"

  • 2. Ester Marotta (UniversitÓ di Padova, Italy)
    "Decomposition of mixtures of organic compounds in atmospheric plasma"

  • 3. Francisco Tabares (As.Euratom/Ciemat. Madrid, Madrid)
    "Application of nitrogen-containing plasmas to Fusion Plasma Research"

  • 4. Olivier Guaitella (EcolePolytechnique, Palaiseau, France)
    "N and O atoms adsorbed under plasma exposure: a model system to investigate surface reactivity"

  • 5. JoŃo Santos Sousa (Queen's University Belfast, UK)
    "Cold atmospheric pressure plasma jets as sources of reactive oxygen species for biomedical applications"

  • 6. Thierry Callegari (UniversitÚ Paul Sabatier, Toulouse, France)
    "Generation, annihilation and motion of self-organized filaments in dielectric barrier discharges"

  • 7. Bogdana Mitu (National Inst. for Lasers, Plasma and Radiation Physics, Romania)
    "Plasma deposition of carbon-based materials: diagnostic studies"

  • 8. Frantisek Krcma (Brno University of Technology, Czech Republic)
    "Generation of pin hole discharges in liquids"


Hot topic lectures

  • HT1. Nikolay Dyatko
    "Experimental and theoretical study of the influence of nitrogen admixture on characteristics of dc glow discharge in rare gases at intermidiate pressures"

  • HT2. Uros Cvelbar
    "Plasma reshaping carbon: The role of plasma species in surface interactions with carbon"

  • HT3. Pedro Almeida
    "Self-organization as an intrinsic feature of DC glow microdischarges: modelling appearance of different spot patterns"

  • HT4. Tomas Hoder
    "Comparison of pulsed and sinusoidal operated barrier discharges"

  • HT5. Arnaud Bultel and Julien Annaloro
    "Elaboration of collisional-radiative models: illustration and results for flows related to planetary entry situations into Earth and Mars atmospheres"

  • HT6. Julien Schulze
    "Ionization by drift and ambipolar electric fields in electronegative capacitive radio frequency plasmas"

  • HT7. Mark J. Kushner
    "Control of Electron, Ion and Photon Distributions in Low Pressure Plasmas Using Pulsed Power"

  • HT8. Masaru Hori,
    "High-speed synthesis and crystalinity control of nanographene using inliquid plasma in alcohol"