Fantz, Ursel Investigations of indium halides as radiator in ICPs for lighting applications P1.9.6
Investigation of the plasma parameters in the expansion region of a negative hydrogen ion source for fusion P1.9.5
Faria, Maria Self-organization as an intrinsic feature of DC glow microdischarges: predicting self-organization in different gases P3.7.6
Fasci, Eugenio Optical-Feedback Cavity-Enhanced Absorption spectroscopy detects ppt traces of Formaldehyde for the validation of air plasma treatment system P3.5.19
Fatarella, Enrico Sustainable finishing of wollen fabrics by means of plasma treatment P1.4.8
Faubert, François Generation and characterization of hydrogen amorphous carbon nitrile particles and mass spectrometric study of the CH4/N2 radio-frequency plasma. P2.5.12
Fedorovich, Sergei A method diagnostic of RF plasma torches in ultra-violet range  P3.5.2
Determining electron temperature and density in RF plasma torches P3.5.1
Felizardo, Edgar UV Emission from Microwave Plasmas P3.9.1
Fernández Palop, José Ignacio Experimental study of the transition of the ion current to a cylindrical Langmuir probe from the orbital to the radial theory. P2.4.6
Ferreira, Carlos M. 50 Years of Non-Equilibrium Kinetics in Laser Physics, Geophysics and Plasma Chemistry: a Tribute to Boris Gordiets WS1.1
Pretreatment of sugarcane biomass by atmospheric pressure microwave plasmas P3.4.5
Microwave driven air-water plasmas GL1
Carbon nanostructures synthesized by a microwave plasma torch  P3.10.3
UV Emission from Microwave Plasmas P3.9.1
Ferreira, Jason Optical emission spectroscopy of the flowing afterglow of a microwave N2/O2 plasma used for the modification of GaN nanowires P3.5.15
Fiedorowicz, Henryk Photoionization of gases by EUV pulses from a laser-plasma source P3.12.3
Figueroa, Jared Electron detachment in N2O P3.1.3
Fleury, Benjamin On the infuence of CO on a dusty N2-CH4 CCP RF discharge P1.7.1
Foest, Rüdiger Study on the formation of thin films using an rf non-thermal plasma jet at atmospheric pressure P3.11.6
Foissac, Corinne Vibrational Distribution Function of N2(C3Pu, v’) state in N2-Ar discharge created by a RF helical coupling device P1.1.10
Kinetics of N2(B3Pg) and N2(C3Pu) states in N2-Ar discharges sustained by a RF helical coupling device P1.1.9
Fortov, Vladimir Coulomb clusters in a cusp magnetic trap under microgravity condition P2.7.6
High-Voltage Nanosecond Pulse Discharge in a Low-Pressure Preionized Medium P1.9.4
Fournier, Richard Generation, annihilation and motion of self-organized filaments in dielectric barrier discharges TL6
Fowler, Chantal Diamond-based microhollow cathode discharges P1.10.6
Fox, Neil Diamond-based microhollow cathode discharges P1.10.6
Franklin, Raoul Two Dimensional Plasma Configurations P2.6.13
Franzen, Peter Investigation of the plasma parameters in the expansion region of a negative hydrogen ion source for fusion P1.9.5
Fredriksen, Åshild Plasma flows in expanding magnetic field: simulations, probe and Laser Induced Fluorescence (LIF) measurements P3.11.7
Fubiani, Gwenael Currents through a magnetic filter in a low temperature plasma P2.6.8
Particle-In-Cell Monte Carlo Collision model on GPU (Graphics Processing Units) - Application to a low temperature magnetized plasma P2.6.7