Author(s) Title Program number
C.M. Ferreira and E. Tatarova Microwave driven air-water plasmas GL1
N. Trushkin, Yu. Akishev, M. Grushin, V. Karalnik and A. Petryakov Steady – state and pulsed – periodical regimes for generation of non – thermal plasma jets at atmospheric pressure GL2
R. Celiberto Electron-molecule collision processes in non-equilibrium molecular plasmas GL3
M. Bonitz, H. Kählert, P. Ludwig, T. Ott, H. Thomsen, H. Löwen, D. Block, A. Melzer, and A. Piel Complex plasmas - a laboratory for selforganization GL4
U. Ebert Thunderstroms as electron accelerators and the discharge zoo above the clouds GL5
A. Rousseau   GL6
Ostrikov, Kostya Small energy for small things: plasma nanoscience for a sustainable future GL7
William G. Graham Plasmas in Liquids and their Applications GL8