Author(s) Title Program number
N. Dyatko, Y. Ionikh, A. Meshchanov, A. Napartovich Experimental and theoretical study of the influence of nitrogen admixture on characteristics of dc glow discharge in rare gases at intermidiate pressures HT1
Cvelbar Uros, Aleksander Drenik, Eleršič Kristina, Lazović Saša, Filipič Gregor, Mozetič Miran, Stana Kleinschek Karin and Peršin Zdenka Plasma reshaping carbon: The role of plasma species in surface interactions with carbon  HT2
P. G. C. Almeida and M. S. Benilov Self-organization as an intrinsic feature of DC glow microdischarges: modelling appearance of different spot patterns HT3
M. Kettlitz, H. Höft, T. Hoder, K.-D. Weltmann, and R. Brandenburg Comparison of pulsed and sinusoidal operated barrier discharges HT4
Julien Annaloro, Arnaud Bulte, Pierre Omaly State-to-state modeling of a nitrogen plasma applied to the atmospheric entry problems HT5
J. Schulze, A. Derzsi, K. Dittmann, T. Hemke, J. Meichsner, Z. Donkó Ionization by drift and ambipolar electric fields in electronegative capacitive radio frequency plasmas HT6
Sang-Heon Song, Michael D. Logue, Yiting Zhang, Peng Tian and Mark J. Kushner Control of Electron, Ion and Photon Distributions in Low Pressure Plasmas Using Pulsed Plasmas HT7
M. Hori, H. Kondo, T. Hagino, K. Ishikawa, K. Takeda, H. Kano, M. Sekine High-speed synthesis and crystalinity control of nanographene using in-liquid plasma in alcohol HT8