Ichiki, Ryuta Sheath Potential Measurements in Negative Ion Plasma P1.5.1
Iizuka, Satoru Conversion of CO2 to methane by a low-pressure hollow-cathode discharge  P1.1.2
Ikuta, Nobuaki PT and SST Electron Energy Distribution and Transport Properties in Lucas-Saelee Model Gas P1.2.6
Ilic, Gvozden Influence of Gas Parameters on the Spark Gap Functioning P3.6.3
The Influence of Dielectric Properties of Commercial Vacuum Interrupters P3.6.2
Zymak, Illia Ternary association of H+ ions with H2; Experiments with normal and para-enriched hydrogen at 11 K  P3.1.8
Inoue, Mari Film properties of indium-zinc-oxide films using RF magnetron sputtering evaluated by optical diagnostics in gas phase P1.4.11
Ionikh, Yuri Surface vibrational relaxation of N2 studied by infrared titration with time resolved Quantum Cascade Laser diagnostics P2.4.11
Ionikh, Yuriy Experimental and theoretical study of the influence of nitrogen admixture on characteristics of dc glow discharge in rare gases at intermidiate pressures HT1
Ionikh, Yury The breakdown in a long non-shielded discharge tube in low-pressure nitrogen. P3.9.4
Ionita, Eusebiu-Rosini Current-voltage characteristics of a RF plasma jet discharge with bare electrodes at low and atmospheric pressure P2.10.9
Iordanova, Ekaterina Discrepancies between different electron Temperature diagnostics: probing the Electron Energy Distribution Function P3.5.12
Iordanova, Snejana Mode transition in a small-radius planar-coil inductively-driven discharge P1.5.21
Iseni, Sylvain Space resolved ozone detection in the effluent of a cold atmospheric pressure plasma jet P2.5.10
Ishikawa, Kenji High-speed synthesis and crystalinity control of nanographene using in-liquid plasma in alcohol HT8
Isola, Lucio Measure of the Ar(1sy) state densities by OES in Ar-N2 discharges P2.1.16
Ito, Masafumi Film properties of indium-zinc-oxide films using RF magnetron sputtering evaluated by optical diagnostics in gas phase P1.4.11
Itoh, Haruo Measurement of negative ion mobility in ultra high purity O2 at atmospheric pressure P1.2.7
Temperature dependence of ozone loss rate P1.1.15
Collisional quenching rate coefficient of N2(A3Σ+u) by xylene P2.1.3
Measurement of ozone density distribution in a dielectric barrier discharge ozone generator using laser absorption method P3.5.18
Ivanov, Anton Probe diagnostics of a small microwave discharge at atmosheric pressure P2.5.15
Ivanova, Pavlina Langmuir Probe Evaluation of the Negative Ion Density in Oxygen Gas Discharge Magnetized Plasma P1.5.16
Ivlev, Alexei Microstructure of a liquid complex (dusty) plasma under shear P1.7.2
High-Voltage Nanosecond Pulse Discharge in a Low-Pressure Preionized Medium P1.9.4
Iwashita, Shinya Development of dust particle manipulation method in capacitively coupled plasmas via the Electrical Asymmetry Effect P2.7.5