Jacq, Simon Investigation of plasma surface interactions in pulsed O2/TTIP low pressure ICP plasma by time resolved optical emission spectroscopy  P2.4.10
Kinetics of H atoms in pulsed CH4 – H2 plasmas. P2.5.13
Jalili, Amir Hossein Gaseous ion mobility of SO2+ ions in He and Ar P1.2.4
Jamier, R. Modelling of microwave-driven micro-plasmas in HCPCF P2.6.10
Jamier, Raphael Generation of plasmas in 100 µm diameter capillaries using a microwave excitation based on a surfatron P3.9.7
Janeco, André Study of the electron kinetics in He/CH4/CO2 mixtures for Syngas production P1.2.9
Influence of the voltage waveform of a DBD discharge on the conversion of CH4 and CO2 P2.3.10
Jansky, Jaroslav Simulation of helium discharge dynamics in thin dielectric tubes at atmospheric pressure and discharge interaction with tube surface P2.3.14
Numerical study of the influence of plane dielectric obstacles in the path of a streamer discharge in air at atmospheric pressure P2.6.1
Jarocki, Roman Photoionization of gases by EUV pulses from a laser-plasma source P3.12.3
Jeanney, Pascal Ethanol decomposition in Air Dielectric Barrier Discharges: experimental study and kinetic modeling P1.1.12
Jia, Zixian Oxidation of an acetaldehyde/acetylene equimolar mixture by an atmospheric non-thermal plasma discharge P3.1.4
Diphasic process combining a fluidized catalytic bed and a plasma at atmospheric pressure for the degradation of volatile organic compounds WS1.5
Jijie, Roxana Structure-function relationships in the case of plasma modified proteins P2.3.7
Jimenez, Margarita Hydrogen production from ethanol decomposition by a surface wave discharge at atmospheric pressure WS1.4
Jimenez-Diaz, Manuel Discrepancies between different electron Temperature diagnostics: probing the Electron Energy Distribution Function P3.5.12
Jiménez-Redondo, Miguel Energy distributions of neutrals and ions in H2/D2 hollow cathode discharges P1.1.3
Johnson, Erik V Hybrid Model of Parallel Plate RF Discharges in H2: Effect of DC and Tailored Voltage Waveforms P1.6.5
Jorand, François Production of methyl nitrate and PAN following the decomposition of acetaldehyde in atmospheric gases P2.1.20
Ethanol decomposition in Air Dielectric Barrier Discharges: experimental study and kinetic modeling P1.1.12
Jovanovic, Jasmina Detachment rate for negative ions in Ar/BF3 discharges P2.1.5
Juárez, Antonio Effective ionization coefficients and limiting field strength of SF6-N2O and CF3I-SF6-N2 mixtures P1.1.1