Nakashima, Naoki High-Speed Reduction of Oxide Film and Surface Hydrophilization using Atmospheric Multi-Gas Plasma Jet P3.4.10
Napartovich, Anatoly Experimental and theoretical study of the influence of nitrogen admixture on characteristics of dc glow discharge in rare gases at intermidiate pressures HT1
Naudé, Nicolas Organization of dielectric barrier discharges in the presence of structurally-inhomogeneous wood substrates P2.7.7
Diagnostic of atmospheric-pressure He discharges controlled by dielectric barriers in presence of porous wood samples P3.5.5
Numerical modelling of an atmosperic pressure plasma reactor using control volume methods and unstructured grids  P1.6.2
Nedanovska, Elena Thomson scattering and emission spectroscopy of laser sparks induced in pure He and He-N2 mixtures at 1atm  P3.12.4
Nedybaliuk, Oleg Plasma Assisted Combustion of Paraffin Mixture P3.10.4
Plasma reforming of ethanol/water mixture in the plasma-liquid system with reverse vortex air/CO2 flow of “tornado” type with liquid electrode P3.10.5
Nemcova, Lucie Enhancement of plasma generated H2O2 in water by the addition of ethanol P2.3.13
Nemschokmichal, Sebastian Spatio-temporally resolved investigation of surface charges, N2(A) metastables and the discharge development in diffuse N2 barrier discharges P2.5.18
Temporal and spatial resolved density of the metastable N2(A) molecule in barrier discharges P2.5.11
Neyts, Erik Understanding plasma growth of SWNTs: Effect of electric field and ion bombardment  P3.4.3
Nguyen, Hai Van Mobility of negative and positive ions in liquid and gaseous Helium at 4.5 K under different pressures.  P1.2.10
 Cryoplasma in Helium at 4.5 K under different pressures.  P3.9.2
Nguyen-Kuok, Shi A method diagnostic of RF plasma torches in ultra-violet range  P3.5.2
Determining electron temperature and density in RF plasma torches P3.5.1
Quantum-mechanical calculation of electron scattering on the atoms in the argon plasma P2.1.12
Niemi, Kari Cold atmospheric pressure plasma jets as sources of reactive oxygen species for biomedical applications TL5
Atomic nitrogen measurements in an atmospheric-pressure plasma jet P2.5.16
Nijdam, Sander Slow decay of radiation after a pulsed streamer discharge in pure nitrogen P3.1.7
Nikiforov, Anton LIF spectroscopy of OH radicals and the electron temperature in the effluent of atmospheric RF JET in Ar-H2O mixtures P1.5.7
Time and spatial resolved laser induced spectroscopy of O atoms and OH radicals in 13.56 MHz RF plasma jet. P1.5.2
Nikitovic, Zeljka Modeling in Ar/H2 discharge P1.1.8
Detachment rate for negative ions in Ar/BF3 discharges P2.1.5
Noël, Cédric Surface-wave discharges in helium at atmospheric pressure: simulations vs. Experiments P2.10.10
Bubble dynamics created by plasma in heptane P1.10.3
Threshold ionization mass spectrometry and optical emission spectroscopy characterization of Ar/O2/N2 microwave discharge P1.5.20
Nogaku, Mitsuharu Characteristics of small-bore glow discharge positive columns in neon-nitrogen gas mixtures P2.8.3
Nosenko, Vladimir Microstructure of a liquid complex (dusty) plasma under shear P1.7.2
Nowakowska-Langier, Katarzyna  Studies of Deuterium-Plasma Interaction with a Tungsten Target at Different Energy Fluxes P1.4.5