O'Connell, Deborah Cold atmospheric pressure plasma jets as sources of reactive oxygen species for biomedical applications TL5
Atomic nitrogen measurements in an atmospheric-pressure plasma jet P2.5.16
Obradović, Bratislav Detection of energetic hydrogen atoms in a pulse glow discharge P2.5.2
Electric Field Measurement in Multipeak Mode of DBD in Helium-Hydrogen Mixture P2.5.1
Obrusník, Adam Numerical simulation of large area microwave plasma system for deposition of nanocrystalline diamond films P2.6.2
Oda, Akinori Effect of secondary electron emission on atmospheric pressure oxygen dielectric barrier discharges P1.10.10
Numerical Simulation on Fundamental Properties in Low-Pressure Radio-Frequency CH4 Plasmas for Diamond-Like Carbon Films P2.8.8
Oh, Soo-Ghee Kinetics of the nitrogen pink afterglow in the presence of oxygen impurities P1.9.7
 Detection of N2(A) metastable molecules in the N2 RF afterglows P2.1.19
Ohta, Takayuki Film properties of indium-zinc-oxide films using RF magnetron sputtering evaluated by optical diagnostics in gas phase P1.4.11
Okino, Akitoshi High-Speed Reduction of Oxide Film and Surface Hydrophilization using Atmospheric Multi-Gas Plasma Jet P3.4.10
Okuyama, Yui Measurement of negative ion mobility in ultra high purity O2 at atmospheric pressure P1.2.7
NO+ generation and monoaromatic volatile organic compounds detection by IMS with positive corona discharge in wire to plate geometry  P3.10.2
Oliveira, C. Ozone Measurements by Absorption Spectroscopy Applying Dieletric Barrier Discharges at Atmospheric Pressure for Sugarcane Bagasse Treatment WS1.1
Omaly, Pierre State-to-state modeling of a nitrogen plasma applied to the atmospheric entry problems P3.11.11
Relaxation of excited states calculated with CoRaM-Air, the CORIA's Collisional-Radiative model for air P3.11.9
Omiya, Kazuki Temperature dependence of ozone loss rate P1.1.15
Onofri, Fabrice Tungsten nanoparticle formation in plasma discharges P1.4.12
Opanasiuk, Sergii Collisional radiative recombination Ar+ + e– + e– in low temperature plasma P2.1.18
Oreshko, Alexander The acceleration of charged particles in plasma at the separation of charges and generation of electrical domains P1.8.3
The effects of anomalous passing of ball lightning through absorbing filters and generation of dark spherical formation P1.8.4
Orlovska, Svetlana Plasma Assisted Combustion of Paraffin Mixture P3.10.4
Orszagh, Juraj Electron Induced Emission of Methane P3.1.2
Ostrikov, Kostya Small energy for small things: plasma nanoscience for a sustainable future GL7
Ott, T. Complex plasmas - a laboratory for selforganization GL4
Ouadjaout, Djamel Study of spacial evolution of EEDFs and plasma parameters in RF-CCP argon stochastic mode discharge by Langmuir probe P3.5.6
Ouaras, Karim Design and qualification of a low pressure / high density ECR dipolar plasma reactor used for synthesis of mixed material dust P2.8.5
Oudini, Noureddine Space charge neutralisation of continuous dual ion beams P2.8.10
Ion and fast atom beams in an End-Hall ion source: a numerical study P2.6.9
One-dimensional Particle-In-Cell simulations of the sheath dynamic in ion-ion plasmas P2.6.11
Ouyang, Jiting Evolution of filamentary pattern in glow dielectric barrier discharge system P1.7.8