Topic number Author(s) Title Program number
1 Jaime de Urquijo, José Luis Hernández-Ávila, Eduardo Basurto, Gerardo Ruiz-Vargas and Antonio Juárez Effective ionization coefficients and limiting field strength of SF6-N2O and CF3I-SF6-N2 mixtures P1.1.1
Toshitsugu Gunji, Satoru Iizuka Conversion of CO2 to methane by a low-pressure hollow-cathode discharge  P1.1.2
Miguel Jiménez-Redondo, Esther Carrasco, Víctor J. Herrero, Isabel Tanarro Energy distributions of neutrals and ions in H2/D2 hollow cathode discharges P1.1.3
V. Laporta, J. Tennyson, R. Celiberto Resonant vibration excitation cross sections and rate coefficients for electron–CO and CO2 scattering P1.1.4
Koichi Sasaki and Renge Asakawa Optical emission intensity of molecular hydrogen in a recombining hydrogen plasma P1.1.5
A. Luque, F. J. Gordillo-Vázquez Mesospheric electric breakdown and delayed sprite ignition caused by associative electron detachment P1.1.6
Esther Carrasco, Víctor J. Herrero, Isabel Tanarro Time resolved diagnostics and kinetic modeling of the ignition transient of a H2+10%N2 square wave modulated hollow cathode discharge P1.1.7
Ž. Nikitović , V. Stojanović and Z. Lj. Petrović Modeling in Ar/H2 discharge P1.1.8
C. Foissac, J. Krištof, A. Annušová, P. Veis and P. Supiot Kinetics of N2(B3Pg) and N2(C3Pu) states in N2-Ar discharges sustained by a RF helical coupling device P1.1.9
A. Annušová, C. Foissac, J. Krištof, P. Veis and P. Supiot Vibrational Distribution Function of N2(C3Pu, v’) state in N2-Ar discharge created by a RF helical coupling device P1.1.10
D. A. Little, J. Tennyson Electron Collisions with N2+: Temperature Dependent Processes P1.1.11
S. Lovascio, N. Blin-Simiand, L. Magne, F. Jorand, P. Jeanney, S. Pasquiers Ethanol decomposition in Air Dielectric Barrier Discharges: experimental study and kinetic modeling P1.1.12
 E. Benova, P. Marinova, V. Marchev, M. Atanasova, Tz. Petrova Effect of gas discharge conditions on Argon surface-wave-sustained plasma kinetics P1.1.13
K. Omiya, I.M. Rusinov, S. Suzuki, H. Itoh Temperature dependence of ozone loss rate P1.1.15
Luis Alves and The Lxcat Team Status report on the LXCat project  P1.1.16
2 J. Amorim and J. Loureiro Broadening of hydrogen lines produced by H2++H2 → H3++H reaction with an energy-dependent cross section  P1.2.1
B. Bernecker, A. Piquemal Interactive diagnostics for a pulsed electron beam transport in plasma P1.2.2
S. Mazouffre, D. Gerst, S. Cuynet, M. Cirisan Plasma drift in a low-pressure magnetized RF discharge P1.2.3
 G. Afsahi, H. Behnejad, A. H. Jalili, L. A. Viehland Gaseous ion mobility of SO2+ ions in He and Ar P1.2.4
Hirotake Sugawara Stochastic scattering process to induce inward electron flow in electron conduction path between antiparallel gradient magnetic fields P1.2.5
A. Takeda, N. Ikuta PT and SST Electron Energy Distribution and Transport Properties in Lucas-Saelee Model Gas P1.2.6
Y. Okuyama, M. Sabo, S. Suzuki, Š. Matejčik, H. Itoh Measurement of negative ion mobility in ultra high purity O2 at atmospheric pressure P1.2.7
I. V. Schweigert, A. L. Alexandrov Afterglow of rf discharge with nanoparticles  P1.2.8
 A. Janeco, N. R. Pinhão, V. Guerra Study of the electron kinetics in He/CH4/CO2 mixtures for Syngas production P1.2.9
R. Rincón, H.V. Nguyen, N. Bonifaci, F Aitken, V. M. Atrazhev,
K. van Haeften
Mobility of negative and positive ions in liquid and gaseous Helium at 4.5 K under different pressures.  P1.2.10
4  Chyhin Vasyl Physical mechanisms of negative corona complicated current pulsation P1.4.1
 E. Skladnik-Sadowska, K. Czaus, K. Malinowski, M.J. Sadowski, J. Zebrowski,
K. Nowakowska-Langier, I.E. Garkusha, M. K. Ladygina
 Studies of Deuterium-Plasma Interaction with a Tungsten Target at Different Energy Fluxes P1.4.5
E. Skladnik-Sadowska, K. Czaus, K. Malinowski, M.J. Sadowski, J. Zebrowski,
R. Kwiatkowski, M. Kubkowska, I.E. Garkusha, M. Ladygina
Interaction of Intense Pulsed Plasma Streams with CFC Targets P1.4.6
S. Chekour, A. Tahraoui, B. Zaham Dust grains trapping in magnetized electrostatic sheath P1.4.7
E. Fatarella, L. Parisi, F. Peruzzi, L. Corsi, L. Tacconi, R. Basosi, R. Pogni Sustainable finishing of wollen fabrics by means of plasma treatment P1.4.8
 M. Palmucci, R. Snyders, S. Konstantinidis Time- and Energy-resolved Mass Spectrometry Study of a Reactive High-Power Impulse Magnetron Sputtering Discharge P1.4.9
D. M. Thomas, C. T. N. Willis, J. E. Allen, M. Coppins The Bohm criterion for flowing plasmas P1.4.10
 M. Inoue, M. ITO, T. OHTA, M. HORI Film properties of indium-zinc-oxide films using RF magnetron sputtering evaluated by optical diagnostics in gas phase P1.4.11
Kishor Kumar K, L. Couedel, C. Arnas and F. Onofri Tungsten nanoparticle formation in plasma discharges P1.4.12
5 J. Y. Zhang, R. Ichiki, Y. Kawai Sheath Potential Measurements in Negative Ion Plasma P1.5.1
A. Nikiforov, L. Li, Q. Xiong, N. Britun, R. Snyders, Ch. Leys, X. P. Lu Time and spatial resolved laser induced spectroscopy of O atoms and OH radicals in 13.56 MHz RF plasma jet. P1.5.2
J. Muñoz, J. Margot, and M. Chaker Absorption spectroscopy measuremente of argon metastable and resonant atomic densities in a low pressure Ar/N2 ICP P1.5.3
Jean-Paul Booth, Nshant Sirse, Quentin Delivre and Pascal Chabert  Gas temperature and electron density measurements in Ar and Ar-Cl2 ICP discharges P1.5.4
M.J. Sadowski, K. Czaus, K. Malinowski, E. Skladnik-Sadowska, J. Zebrowski Energy-, Mass- and Time-Resolved Measurements of Fast Ions Emitted from Plasma Discharges P1.5.5
M. A. Ridenti, J. A. Souza-Corrêa, J. Amorim Measurements of the Ar+ energy distribution from an atmospheric surface wave discharge in pure Ar and Ar-O2 mixture P1.5.6
L Li, A Nikiforov, Q Xiong, N Britun, R. Snyder, X Lu and C Leys LIF spectroscopy of OH radicals and the electron temperature in the effluent of atmospheric RF JET in Ar-H2O mixtures P1.5.7
G. Wattieaux, L. Boufendi Electrical characterization of the correlation between the dust particles size and the plasma sheath impedance in a capacitively coupled radiofrequency dusty discharge P1.5.8
M. Kettlitz, H. Höft, T. Hoder, K.-D. Weltmann, and R. Brandenburg Comparison of pulsed and sinusoidal operated barrier discharges P1.5.9
A. Mahjoub, A. Gouveia, N. Carrasco, C.D. Pintassilgo, L. Marques,
M. M. D. Ramos, L.L. Alves, G. Cernogora
 RF capacitively coupled plasmas in N2-H2 mixtures P1.5.10
J. Winter, A. Hecimovic, T. de los Arcos, M. Böke,V. Schulz-von der Gathen, A. Pflug Instabilities in High Power Pulsed Magnetron Plasmas P1.5.11
N. Britun, T. Godfroid, and R. Snyders Time-Resolved Optical Emission Spectroscopy of a Surfaguide Flowing Gas Microwave Discharge P1.5.12
 S. Hübner, E.A.D. Carbone, J.M. Palomares, J.J.A.M. van der Mullen Approaching the edges of a surfatron microwave plasma by Thomson scattering P1.5.14
 Mark W. Kelly, James C. Richley and Michael N.R. Ashfold C/H/O plasmas for diamond growth: density measurements of key plasma species using cavity ring down and optical emission spectroscopy P1.5.15
Tsv K Popov, M Mitov, A Bankova, P Ivanova, M Dimitrova,
S Rupnik, J Kovačič, T Gyergyek, M Čerček, F M Dias
Langmuir Probe Evaluation of the Negative Ion Density in Oxygen Gas Discharge Magnetized Plasma P1.5.16
A.V. Pipa, T. Hoder, J. Koskulics, M. Schmidt, R. Brandenburg Experimental estimation of capacitances in pulsed barrier discharges  P1.5.17
T. Hoder, J. Paillol, R. Brandenburg On the discharge mechanism and electric field strength development in negative corona Trichel pulses in atmospheric pressure air P1.5.18
S. Ponduri, S. Welzel, F. Brehmer, M. Ma, M.C.M. van de Sanden, R.Engeln Fuel synthesis through CO2 reduction in a plasma expansion P1.5.19
T. Defais, C. Noël, T. Belmonte, G. Henrion Threshold ionization mass spectrometry and optical emission spectroscopy characterization of Ar/O2/N2 microwave discharge P1.5.20
Kh. Tarnev, I. Koleva, St. Lishev, Ts. Paunska, S. Iordanova, A. Shivarova Mode transition in a small-radius planar-coil inductively-driven discharge P1.5.21
6 A. Michau, G. Lombardi, L. Colina Delacqua, M. Redolfi, C. Arnas, X. Bonnin, and K. Hassouni Self-consistent Modeling of Particle Growth in DC dusty Discharge P1.6.1
Mustapha Zakari, Hubert Caquineau, Pierre Ségur, Fréderic Bras, Nicolas Gherardi, Nicolas Naudé and Pierre Descamps  Numerical modelling of an atmosperic pressure plasma reactor using control volume methods and unstructured grids  P1.6.2
S. Mohr, E. Schuengel, J. Schulze, U. Czarnetzki The influence of field reversals on the DC self bias in capacitive RF-discharges P1.6.3
M.M. Becker, F. Sigeneger, D. Loffhagen On the description of electron transport in fluid models P1.6.4
P. Diomede, P.A. Delattre, E.V. Johnson, J.P. Booth, S. Longo, D. J. Economou,
M. Capitelli
Hybrid Model of Parallel Plate RF Discharges in H2: Effect of DC and Tailored Voltage Waveforms P1.6.5
R. Westermann, R.Engeln, M.C.M.v.d.Sanden Processes in subsonic expanding thermal argon plasmas P1.6.6
Z. Bonaventura, M. Duarte, A. Bourdon, M. Massot, S. Descombes, T. Dumont Numerical simulation of the interaction of two streamer discharges in air P1.6.9
F. Tholin, A. Bourdon Numerical simulation of successive nanosecond pulsed discharges in air at atmospheric pressure P1.6.10
Yu. Golubovskii, S. Gorchakov, H. Lange, A. Timofeev, D. Uhrlandt,
J. Winter
Distribution of metastable and resonance atoms in cathode region of low-pressure He-Xe discharge P1.6.12
M. Baeva, A. Bösel, J. Ehlbeck, D. Loffhagen Self-consistent 2D fluid modelling of a microwave excited plasma in argon P1.6.13
7 B. Fleury, N. Carrasco, T. Gautier, A. Mahjoub, G. Cernogora On the infuence of CO on a dusty N2-CH4 CCP RF discharge P1.7.1
 V. Nosenko, A. V. Ivlev, G. E. Morfill Microstructure of a liquid complex (dusty) plasma under shear P1.7.2
A. Melzer, A. Schella, J. Schablinski, D. Block, A. Piel Phase transitions in finite particle clusters in dusty plasmas P1.7.3
A. Mahjoub, N. Carrasco, P.-R. Dahoo, T. Gautier, C. Szopa, and G. Cernogora Optical properties of organic material produced in a dusty plasma P1.7.4
 A. Gouveia, A. Mahjoub, N. Carrasco, L. Marques, L.L. Alves, G. Cernogora, C.D.Pintassilgo Experimental characterization of capacitively coupled radio-frequency discharges in N2-CH4 P1.7.5
Bp Pandey, S.V. Vladimirov and Aa Samarian  Shear driven instabilities in dusty plasmas P1.7.6
R. Wild, L. Stollenwerk Breakdown of order in a self-organised barrier discharge P1.7.7
 J. T. Ouyang, S. W. Xu, X. X. Duan, I. Aslam, F. He Evolution of filamentary pattern in glow dielectric barrier discharge system P1.7.8
8 N. Carrasco, T. Gautier, E. Es-sebbar, P. Pernot, G. Cernogora Mimicking Titan’s upper atmosphere reactivity with a RF-capacitively coupled N2-CH4 plasma P1.8.1
Bp Pandey and S.V. Vladimirov Plasma magnetisation and Farley-Buneman Instability P1.8.2
A. G. Oreshko The acceleration of charged particles in plasma at the separation of charges and generation of electrical domains P1.8.3
A. G. Oreshko The effects of anomalous passing of ball lightning through absorbing filters and generation of dark spherical formation P1.8.4
D. Resendes, J. Loureiro, M. Lino da Silva, and B. Lopez Gaussian superposition model for electron density profiles of hypersonic entries in Earth’s atmosphere P1.8.5
9 S.I.Gritsinin, A.M.Davydov, I.A.Kossyi Advances of contemporary gas-discharge fundamental physics and based on them new microwave plasma sources P1.9.1
Yoshio Watanabe, Tomohiro Yamaguchi Effect on the Electrode Characteristics by the Metal Ring Encircling the Electrode P1.9.3
Mikhail Pustylnik, Lujing Hou, Alexei Ivlev, Leonid Vasilyak, Hubertus Thomas, Gregor Morfill and Vladimir Fortov High-Voltage Nanosecond Pulse Discharge in a Low-Pressure Preionized Medium P1.9.4
L. Schiesko, P. Franzen, U. Fantz and NNBI Team Investigation of the plasma parameters in the expansion region of a negative hydrogen ion source for fusion P1.9.5
S. Briefi, U. Fantz, G. Lieder Investigations of indium halides as radiator in ICPs for lighting applications P1.9.6
Vasco Guerra, Namjun Kang, Minwook Lee, Soo-ghee Oh and André Ricard Kinetics of the nitrogen pink afterglow in the presence of oxygen impurities P1.9.7
J. Schulze, E. Schüngel, S. Siepa, U. Czarnetzki Coupling effects in inductive discharges with RF substrate biasing P1.9.8
Ts. Paunska, A. Shivarova, Kh. Tarnev 2D self-consistent model of a hydrogen discharge inductively driven by a planar coil P1.9.9
Z. El Otell, M. D. Bowden, N. St. J. Braithwaite A simple optical emission spectroscopy technique for detecting EEDF changes in low-pressure pulsed-RF plasma P1.9.10
10 Ronald M. Gilgenbach, David Chalenski, Y.Y. Lau, Sonal Patel, Adam Steiner,
David Yager-Eliorraga, Matt Weis, Peng Zhang, Ian Rittersdorf and Jacob Zier
Magneto Rayleigh-Taylor Instability in Dense Plasmas P1.10.2
A. Hamdan, T. Belmonte, C. Noël, G. Henrion Bubble dynamics created by plasma in heptane P1.10.3
S.I.Gritsinin, A.M.Davydov, I.A.Kossyi Microwave coaxial plasma source (physics and applications) P1.10.4
 Sebastien Mitea, Monika Zeleznik, Mark Bowden, Paul May, Neil Fox, Chantal Fowler and Bob Stevens Diamond-based microhollow cathode discharges P1.10.6
T. Verreycken, R. M. van der Horst, A. H. F. M. Baede, E. M. van Veldhuizen, P. J. Bruggeman Time and spatially resolved OH density in a nanosecond pulsed discharge in atmospheric pressure He-H2O mixtures P1.10.8
V. Uvarin, D. Kuznetsov, S. Lyubutin, B. Slovikovskii Compact generator of 240 kV atmospheric pressure nanosecond discharge  P1.10.9
H. Akashi, T. Yoshinaga, A. Oda Effect of secondary electron emission on atmospheric pressure oxygen dielectric barrier discharges P1.10.10
N. A. Bogatov Threshold Measurements of Discharges from Floating Metal Particles in a Homogeneous Electric Field in Air  P1.10.11