Topic number Author(s) Title Program number
1 S. Béchu, A. Soum-Glaude, A. Bčs, P. Svarnas, M. Bacal, A. Lacoste Surface mechanisms investigation for negative ion production P2.1.1
C. Küllig, K. Dittmann and J. Meichsner High and low electronegativity mode in cc-rf oxygen plasma P2.1.2
S. Suzuki, Y. Koizumi, H.Itoh Collisional quenching rate coefficient of N2(A3Σ+u) by xylene P2.1.3
Jelena Maljkovic, F Blanco, Gustavo Garcia, Bratislav Marinkovic and Aleksandar Milosavljevic Relative differential cross sections for elastic electron scattering by furan P2.1.4
V. Stojanović, Z. M. Raspopović, J. Jovanović, Ž. Nikitović and Z. Lj. Petrović Detachment rate for negative ions in Ar/BF3 discharges P2.1.5
G. Bandelow, R. Schneider, J. Meichsner Modeling and sensitivity studies of cc-rf CF4 plasma P2.1.6
H. Terças, J. T. Mendonça and V. Guerra Classical rotons due to light fluctuation and plasma-like effects in cold atomic traps P2.1.7
Alexandre Chicheportiche, Bruno Lepetit, Malika Benhenni, Florent Xavier Gadéa and Mohammed Yousfi  Integral cross sections of He+/He and He2+/He interaction systems for optimization of low temperature plasma sources for biomedical uses P2.1.8
M. Asandulesa, I. Topala, Y. M. Legrand, M. Dobromir, N. Dumitrascu About the polymerization of aromatic compounds under atmospheric plasma conditions P2.1.9
B. Lopez, M. Lino da Silva, V. Guerra, J. Loureiro Coupled Hydrodynamic/State-Specific High-Temperature Modeling of Nitrogen Vibrational Excitation and Dissociation P2.1.10
H. Latappy, O. Koeta, N. Blin-Simiand, M. Heninger, H. Mestdagh, S. Pasquiers Real-time analysis of acetaldehyde conversion by dielectric barrier discharge P2.1.11
S. Nguyen-Kuok, S. Hassanpour, A. Ageev Quantum-mechanical calculation of electron scattering on the atoms in the argon plasma P2.1.12
J. Gregório and L. C. Pitchford Swarm parameters in Cl2/rare gas mixtures P2.1.13
M. Klas, Š. Matejčík Electrical Breakdown in Water Vapor at micrometer separations  P2.1.15
Lucio Isola, Maia Lopez, Javier Cruceńo and Bernardo Gómez Measure of the Ar(1sy) state densities by OES in Ar-N2 discharges P2.1.16
Aleksander Drenik, Alenka Vesel and Miran Mozetič Probability of Heterogeneous Recombination of Atomic Hydrogen on Fine-Grain Graphite Surface P2.1.17
R. Plašil, T. Kotrík, P. Dohnal, P. Rubovič, Š. Roučka, S. Opanasiuk, J. Glosík Collisional radiative recombination Ar+ + e– + e– in low temperature plasma P2.1.18
Namjun Kang, Soo-Ghee Oh, André Ricard and Lee Minwook Detection of N2(A) metastable molecules in the N2 RF afterglows P2.1.19
Ouya Koeta, Stéphane Pasquiers, Nicole Blin-Simiand, Abdouraman Bary and François Jorand Production of methyl nitrate and PAN following the decomposition of acetaldehyde in atmospheric gases P2.1.20
3 Stefan Tinck, Werner Boullart, Annemie Bogaerts Modeling SiCl4/O2 plasmas used for depositing SiO2 coatings or mask damage recovery P2.3.1
H. Testrich, V. Stranak, R. Hippler, J. Meichsner The reactivity of thin plasmapolymerized ethylenediamine films  P2.3.2
V. Mazankova, V. Sazavska, L. Radkova, F. Krcma Plasmachemical Removal of Corrosion Layers from Brass P2.3.3
D. Piroi, M. Magureanu, N.B. Mandache, V.I. Parvulescu Toluene oxidation by non-thermal plasma combined with palladium catalysts  P2.3.4
Kanako Sekimoto and Mitsuo Takayama Formation of hydrogen cyanide HCN under limited discharge conditions in non-reduced ambient air P2.3.5
T. Murakami, K. Niemi, T. Gans, D. O’Connell, W. G. Graham Plasma chemistry in atmospheric-pressure He-O2 plasmas in humid air P2.3.6
I. Topala, R. Jijie, B.G. Rusu, V. Pohoata, N. Dumitrascu Structure-function relationships in the case of plasma modified proteins P2.3.7
N. Derkaoui, C. Rond, O. Brinza, M. Wartel, A. Gicquel Chemical kinetics of H2/CH4 plasmas for high pressure/high power growth conditions used in diamond MPACVD  P2.3.8
E. Gazza, E. Marotta, C. Ceretta, E. Ceriani, V. Shapoval, M. Schiorlin and C. Paradisi Characterization of non-thermal atmospheric plasmas applied for the degradation of organic pollutants in air and in water with Optical Emission Spectroscopy (OES)  P2.3.9
N. R. Pinhăo, A. Janeco, L. M. Redondo, H. Canacsinh, J. Branco Influence of the voltage waveform of a DBD discharge on the conversion of CH4 and CO2 P2.3.10
J. Meichsner and H. Testrich Gas phase products and kinetics in ethylenediamine plasma polymerization P2.3.11
D. C. Schram PLASMA CHEMISTRY and ASTROPHYSICAL PLASMAS, Differences and similarities P2.3.12
L. Nemcova, F. Krcma, C. P. Kelsey , W. G. Graham Enhancement of plasma generated H2O2 in water by the addition of ethanol P2.3.13
J. Jánský, A. Bourdon Simulation of helium discharge dynamics in thin dielectric tubes at atmospheric pressure and discharge interaction with tube surface P2.3.14
4 André Ricard and J.P Sarrette  Transmission through hollow tubes of N-atoms produced by N2 and Ar-1%N2 flowing microwave afterglows. P2.4.1
F. Kassubek, J. Lehmann Application of entropy production maximisation to evaporation of atoms P2.4.2
A. Groza, A.Surmeian, C.Diplasu, C.Luculescu, A.Tempez, M.Ganciu Evidence of aluminum oxides formation at polymer/Al substrate interface in atmospheric pressure discharges P2.4.3
N. Brémare, S.Y. Hyun, P. Boubert High enthalpy air plasma / SiC surface interactions P2.4.4
Thomas Tillocher, Judith Golda, Philippe Lefaucheux, Bertand Boutaud, Pierre Ranson and Rémi Dussart Investigations in SF6 and Cl2/Ar plasmas used for titanium deep etching by means of mass spectrometry  P2.4.5
J. M. Díaz Cabrera, M. V. Lucena Polonio, J. I. Fernández Palop, R. Morales Crespo,
M. A. Hernández, A. Tejero-del-Caz and J. Ballesteros
Experimental study of the transition of the ion current to a cylindrical Langmuir probe from the orbital to the radial theory. P2.4.6
A Ahmad, P Kumar, C Pardanaud, M Carrčre, J M Layet, D Eon, A Gicquel, R Engeln and G Cartry Negative-ion surface production in hydrogen plasma: production mechanisms on different carbon surfaces P2.4.8
D. Marinov, V. Guerra, O. Guaitella, A. Rousseau Ozone production in O2 plasma at low pressure: surface or gas phase mechanism?  P2.4.9
A. Granier, S. Jacq, D. Li, M. Carette, A. Goullet Investigation of plasma surface interactions in pulsed O2/TTIP low pressure ICP plasma by time resolved optical emission spectroscopy  P2.4.10
D Marinov, D Lopatik, O Guaitella, M Hübner, Y Ionikh, J Röpcke and A Rousseau Surface vibrational relaxation of N2 studied by infrared titration with time resolved Quantum Cascade Laser diagnostics P2.4.11
P. L. Sant'Ana, J. R. R. Bortoleto, E. C. Rangel, N. C. Cruz,
L. C. M. Botti, C. A. R. Anjos
Plasma Surface Treatment of Commercial Polymers for use in Food Packaging P2.4.12
P. L. Sant'Ana, J. R. R. Bortoleto, E. C. Rangel, N. C. Cruz, S. F. Durrant
E. A. A. Medeiros, N. F. F. Soares
Surface Treatment of Commercial Polymers for Food Packaging by Plasma Immersion Ion Implantation P2.4.13
5 S. S. Ivković, B. M. Obradović, and M. M. Kuraica Electric Field Measurement in Multipeak Mode of DBD in Helium-Hydrogen Mixture P2.5.1
N. Cvetanović, B. M. Obradović, M. M. Kuraica Detection of energetic hydrogen atoms in a pulse glow discharge P2.5.2
Bang-Dou Huang, Xi-Ming Zhu, Wen-Cong Chen, Yi-Kang Pu Spatially-resolved measurement of electron density in a microwave-excited Ar/Kr split-ring resonator microplasma P2.5.3
G. Dilecce, P.F. Ambrico, M. Simek and S. De Benedictis OH density measurement by LIF and time-resolved broad band absorption spectroscopy in atmospheric pressure DBD with He(Ar)-H2O and small O2 additions P2.5.5
M. Šimek, G. Dilecce, V. Prukner, P.F. Ambrico,
S. De Benedictis, V. Babický, J. Schmidt
Temporal evolution of the N2(C3Πu) vibrational levels produced by single surface streamer in N2-O2 mixtures P2.5.6
A Surmeian, C Diplasu, A Groza, A.Tempez, P Chapon, M Ganciu The afterglow plasma of pulsed hollow cathode discharge - a high density metastable source P2.5.7
A. Soum-Glaude, S. Béchu, A. Bčs, K. Hassouni, A. Lacoste H atom density measurement using a combination of optical emission spectroscopy and Langmuir probes diagnostics P2.5.8
C. Küllig, T. Wegner, K. Dittmann and J. Meichsner Instabilities in cc-rf oxygen plasma P2.5.9
M. Dünnbier, J. Winter, S. Iseni, A. Schmidt-Bleker, K-D Weltmann,
S. Reuter
Space resolved ozone detection in the effluent of a cold atmospheric pressure plasma jet P2.5.10
S. Nemschokmichal, J. Meichsner Temporal and spatial resolved density of the metastable N2(A) molecule in barrier discharges P2.5.11
Isabelle Géraud-Grenier, François Faubert and Véronique Massereau-Guilbaud Generation and characterization of hydrogen amorphous carbon nitrile particles and mass spectrometric study of the CH4/N2 radio-frequency plasma. P2.5.12
S. Jacq, C. Cardinaud, L. LeBrizoual, A. Granier Kinetics of H atoms in pulsed CH4 – H2 plasmas. P2.5.13
Zh. Kiss’ovski, A. Ivanov, St. Kolev Probe diagnostics of a small microwave discharge at atmosheric pressure P2.5.15
Erik Wagenaars, Timo Gans, Deborah O’Connell, Kari Niemi Atomic nitrogen measurements in an atmospheric-pressure plasma jet P2.5.16
M. Bogaczyk, G. B. Sretenovi´c, H.-E. Wagner Townsend-like and glow-like diffuse discharge modes in barrier discharges operating in helium P2.5.17
M. Bogaczyk, S. Nemschokmichal, G. B. Sretenovic, J. Meichsner, H.-E. Wagner Spatio-temporally resolved investigation of surface charges, N2(A) metastables and the discharge development in diffuse N2 barrier discharges P2.5.18
K. Gazeli, L. T. Doanh, F. Clément, P. Svarnas,
A. Ricard, D. Duday, T. Belmonte
Spectroscopic study of atmospheric pressure plasma jets generated with DBD in gas mixtures of He – Ar – N2 P2.5.19
D. Le Quang, Y. Babou and P. Andre Non equilibrium spectroscopic diagnostics of supersonic air plasma jet P2.5.20
S. Welzel, S.A. Starostin, H. de Vries, M.C.M. van de Sanden, R. Engeln Gas phase IR studies on the dissociation of organo-silicon precursors in high-current dielectric barrier discharges P2.5.21
Saša Lazović, Kosta Spasić, Nevena Puač, Gordana Malović, Uroš Cvelbar, Miran Mozetič and Zoran Lj. Petrović Spatial profiles of atomic oxygen concentrations in a large scale CCP reactor P2.5.22
6 F. Pechereau, J.Jánský, A.Bourdon Numerical study of the influence of plane dielectric obstacles in the path of a streamer discharge in air at atmospheric pressure P2.6.1
A. Obrusník, Z. Bonaventura, S. Potocký, A. Kromka Numerical simulation of large area microwave plasma system for deposition of nanocrystalline diamond films P2.6.2
G. J. M. Hagelaar, J. Gregório, D. Douai Modeling of ITER glow discharge cleaning P2.6.3
C. Rond, N. Derkaoui, R. Salem, F. Benedic,A. Michau, K. Hassouni, A. Gicquel Modelling of microwave plasma used for thick highly boron doped diamond deposition P2.6.4
A. Markosyan, S. Dujko, U. Ebert High order fluid model for ionization fronts in streamer discharges P2.6.5
P. Simon, A. Bogaerts Modelling of an atmospheric pressure dc glow discharge P2.6.6
J. Claustre, M. Paulin, B. Chaudhury, G. Fubiani, J.P. Boeuf Particle-In-Cell Monte Carlo Collision model on GPU (Graphics Processing Units) - Application to a low temperature magnetized plasma P2.6.7
B. Chaudhury, J.P. Boeuf, G. Fubiani, J. Claustre Currents through a magnetic filter in a low temperature plasma P2.6.8
L. Garrigues, N. Oudini, G.J.M. Hagelaar, and J.P. Boeuf Ion and fast atom beams in an End-Hall ion source: a numerical study P2.6.9
L.L. Alves, B. Debord, F. Gérôme, R. Jamier, F. Benabid Modelling of microwave-driven micro-plasmas in HCPCF P2.6.10
N. Oudini, A. Meige, A. Aanesland, J.L. Raimbault, P. Chabert, L. Garrigues, and
G.J.M. Hagelaar
One-dimensional Particle-In-Cell simulations of the sheath dynamic in ion-ion plasmas P2.6.11
L. Garrigues, P. Coche, G.J.M. Hagelaar, and J.P. Boeuf A particle test Monte-Carlo model to understand electron-wave interactions in a Hall Effect Thruster P2.6.12
Raoul Franklin Two Dimensional Plasma Configurations P2.6.13
Jose Gregorio and Leanne Pitchford Modelling of cathode boundary layer discharges in Kr/Cl2 mixtures P2.6.15
7 H. Tawidian, M. Mikikian, T. Lecas, I. Géraud-Grenier, V. Massereau-Guilbaud Dust particle growth kinetics in a sputtering discharge using Ar or Kr P2.7.1
V.I. Arkhipenko, Y.A. Safronau, L.V. SimonchikPP, I.M. Tsuprik Self-organization of the anode spots and fluctuations of dc glow discharge parameters in atmospheric pressure helium P2.7.3
Dmitry Lopatik, Frank Hempel, Brankica Sikimić, Ilija Stefanović, Jörg Winter and
Jürgen Röpcke
On the hydrocarbon kinetics in dust producing symmetrically driven rf plasmas P2.7.4
Shinya Iwashita, Giichiro Uchida, Julian Schulze, Edmund Schüngel, Peter Hartmann,
Kazunori Koga, Masaharu Shiratani, Zoltán Donkó, Uwe Czarnetzki
Development of dust particle manipulation method in capacitively coupled plasmas via the Electrical Asymmetry Effect P2.7.5
L. D’yachkov, S. Savin, M. Myasnikov, O. Petrov, V. Fortov,
A. Kaleri, A. Borisenko 
Coulomb clusters in a cusp magnetic trap under microgravity condition P2.7.6
O. Levasseur, A. Bouarouri, N. Naudé, R. Clergereaux, N. Gherardi and L. Stafford Organization of dielectric barrier discharges in the presence of structurally-inhomogeneous wood substrates P2.7.7
8 E. Schüngel, S. Mohr, J. Schulze, U. Czarnetzki Capacitive H2 and H2 SiH4 plasmas driven by electrically asymmetric voltage waveforms P2.8.1
A.V. Klochko, J. Lemainque, S.M. Starikovskaia Experimental study of fast gas heating in a capillary nanosecond discharge P2.8.2
N. Sasaki, M. Nogaku, A. Yoshimura, Y. Uchida Characteristics of small-bore glow discharge positive columns in neon-nitrogen gas mixtures P2.8.3
L. Colina Delacqua, M. Redolfi, A. Michau, G. Lombardi, K. Ouaras, K. Hassouni, X.
Design and qualification of a low pressure / high density ECR dipolar plasma reactor used for synthesis of mixed material dust P2.8.5
A. Lacoste, S. Béchu, G. Regnard, A. Bčs, J. Pelletier  Top-to-tail microwave plasma sources with extended operating conditions P2.8.6
S. R. Gocić, N. Škoro, D. Marić and Z. Lj. Petrović Spatial structure of the low-pressure discharge in nitrogen – influence of surface conditions P2.8.7
A. Oda, H. Kousaka Numerical Simulation on Fundamental Properties in Low-Pressure Radio-Frequency CH4 Plasmas for Diamond-Like Carbon Films P2.8.8
J. Sivoš, N. Škoro, D. Marić, G. Malović and Z. Lj. Petrović Axial emission profiles of Townsend discharge in water vapour P2.8.9
A. Aanesland, L. Popelier, N. Oudini and P. Chabert Space charge neutralisation of continuous dual ion beams P2.8.10
10 R. Rincón, M. Sáez, MD. Calzada Argon plasmas produced by a microwave (2.45 GHz) TIAGO torch as function of gas flow and microwave input power P2.10.2
Yu. Akishev, G. Aponin, M. Grushin, V. Karalnik, A. Petryakov, N. Trushkin  Three stages in development of a surface DBD in dense gases excited by a single negative high-voltage pulse  P2.10.3
Helena Tresp, Malte U. Hammer, Kristian Wende, Mareike A. Ch. Hänsch, Jörn Winter, Ansgar Schmidt-Bleker, Kai Masur, Thomas von Woedtke, Klaus-Dieter Weltmann and Stephan Reuter Plasma-generated reactive species in liquids by a gas shielded atmospheric pressure plasma jet effluent P2.10.4
S. Stepanyan, I. Kosarev, S. Starikovskaia Electric field evolution in surface nanosecond dielectric barrier discharge P2.10.5
L. SimonchikPP, L. PitchfordPP, Y. Safronau Effect of the cathode surface temperature on the cathode fall layer parameters P2.10.6
F. Brehmer, S.Welzel, M. van der Schans, S. Ponduri, M.C.M. van de Sanden, R. Engeln CO2 dissociation studies in dielectric barrier discharges P2.10.7
V. Stepanova, J. Vorac, P. Slavicek  Modification of the properties of animal fibers using dielectric barrier discharge at atmospheric pressure P2.10.8
M. Teodorescu, E. R. Ionita, M. Bazavan, G. Dinescu Current-voltage characteristics of a RF plasma jet discharge with bare electrodes at low and atmospheric pressure P2.10.9
M. Santos, C. Noël, T. Belmonte, L.L. Alves Surface-wave discharges in helium at atmospheric pressure: simulations vs. Experiments P2.10.10