Topic number Author(s) Title Program number
1 A. Bekstein, J. de Urquijo, F. J. Gordillo-Vázquez, G. Ruiz-Vargas Influence of pressure on the formation of negative ions in water vapour  P3.1.1
M. Danko, J. Országh, A. Ribar, Š. Matejčík Electron Induced Emission of Methane P3.1.2
A. Bekstein, C. Villavicencio, J. Figueroa, J. de Urquijo Electron detachment in N2O P3.1.3
Charles Klett, Zixian Jia, Sylvain Touchard, Arlette Vega, Michael Redolfi, Khaled Hassouni and Xavier Duten Oxidation of an acetaldehyde/acetylene equimolar mixture by an atmospheric non-thermal plasma discharge P3.1.4
E. A. D. Carbone, J. M. Palomares, S. Hübner, J.J.A.M. van der Mullen Unravelling in situ atomic and molecular kinetics by LCIF and Thomson scattering P3.1.6
T.T.J. Clevis, S. Nijdam, U. Ebert Slow decay of radiation after a pulsed streamer discharge in pure nitrogen P3.1.7
I. Zymak, M. Hejduk, D. Mulin, R. Plašil, D. Gerlich and J. Glosík Ternary association of H+ ions with H2; Experiments with normal and para-enriched hydrogen at 11 K  P3.1.8
Mario Lino Da Silva, Dzmitry Tsyhanou, Vasco Guerra and Jorge Loureiro An Improved Kinetic Model for Highly Ionized N2-CH4 Shocked Flows P3.1.9
W.Kamiński, J.Kęsik, P.Warda Influence of neon and argon admixtures on laser generation conditions of krypton ion lasers P3.1.10
4 S. Welzel, S.A. Starostin, H. de Vries, M.C.M. van de Sanden, R. Engeln Gas phase studies during roll-to-roll processing of polymers in air-like atmospheric pressure DBDs P3.4.1
E. C. Neyts, A. Bogaerts Understanding plasma growth of SWNTs: Effect of electric field and ion bombardment  P3.4.3
Francisco Dias, Neli Bundaleska, Rafael Saavedra, Elena Tatarova, Carlos Ferreira and Jayr Amorim Pretreatment of sugarcane biomass by atmospheric pressure microwave plasmas P3.4.5
Johannes Berndt, Eva Kovacevic, Hamid Acid, Thomas Strunskus and Laifa Boufendi Low temperature plasmas as a source for nanostructured organic surfaces with controlled wettability P3.4.7
Brankica Sikimić, Igor Denysenko, Ilija Stefanović, Jörg Winter The effect of the thin film at the electrodes on the sheath size and ion flux in an argon plasma afterglow P3.4.8
Eva Kovacevic, Johannes Berndt, Hamid Acid and Laifa Boufendi Low temperature plasma deposition of thin films/nanoparticles from methyl methacrylate P3.4.9
Naoki Nakashima, Moe Shibata, Toshihiro Takamatsu, Ryota Sasaki,
Hidekazu Miyahara, and Akitoshi Okino
High-Speed Reduction of Oxide Film and Surface Hydrophilization using Atmospheric Multi-Gas Plasma Jet P3.4.10
D. Marinov, O. Guaitella, C. Corbella, T. de los Arcos, A. von Keudell, A. Rousseau Probing adsorption and reactivity of nitrogen atoms on silica surface under plasma exposure P3.4.11
C. Barakat, P. Gravejat, O. Guaitella, A. Rousseau Adsorbed and Gas Phase Study of the Oxidation of Isopropanol on TiO2 Using Non Thermal Plasma for Surface Regeneration P3.4.12
5 S. Nguyen-Kuok, S. Fedorovich, V. Chinnov Determining electron temperature and density in RF plasma torches P3.5.1
S. Fedorovich, Yu. Malakhov, S. Nguyen-Kuok A method diagnostic of RF plasma torches in ultra-violet range  P3.5.2
I.M.F. Bragança, P.A.R. Rosa, F.M. Dias, L.L. Alves Experimental and modelling characterization of micro-EDM plasmas P3.5.3
G.D. Stancu, D.A. Lacoste, C.O. Laux Investigations of carbon monoxide emission in methane flames stabilized by nanosecond pulsed discharges using Mid-IR QCLAS P3.5.4
O. Levasseur, L. Stafford, N. Gherardi, and N. Naudé Diagnostic of atmospheric-pressure He discharges controlled by dielectric barriers in presence of porous wood samples P3.5.5
D. Mendil, H. Lahmar, L. Boufendi, D. Ouadjaout, L. Henni, D. Louhibi, K. Henda Study of spacial evolution of EEDFs and plasma parameters in RF-CCP argon stochastic mode discharge by Langmuir probe P3.5.6
M. Procházka, L. Blahová, F. Krčma, R. Přikryl In-situ monitoring of thin film deposition process using optical emission spectroscopy P3.5.7
J. Klusoň, P. Kudrna and M. Tichý Gas flow velocity in the low pressure hollow cathode plasma jet sputtering system P3.5.8
Arnaud Bultel, Vincent Morel Collisional-radiative modeling of a thermal Helium beam penetrating the edge plasma of a Tokamak P3.5.9
J. Bredin, L. Popelier, V. Godyak, P. Chabert and A. Aanesland Evolution of electron temperature and negative ion density through a magnetic barrier P3.5.10
M. Hübner, D. Marinov, O. Guaitella, N. Lang, A. Rousseau, J. Röpcke A temperature study of a low pressure, pulsed dc plasma using quantum cascade laser absorption spectroscopy (QCLAS) P3.5.11
E. A. D. Carbone, S. Hübner, E. Iordanova, N. de Vries,
M. Jimenez-Diaz, J. M. Palomares and J.J.A.M. van der Mullen
Discrepancies between different electron Temperature diagnostics: probing the Electron Energy Distribution Function P3.5.12
P. Dankov, Zh. Kiss'ovski  Hairpin Probe Sensitivity for Determination of Plasma Density P3.5.13
Lanoir Maaloul, Luc. Stafford, and Andranik Sarkissian Investigation of the role of sputtered particles on the plasma properties during rf-magnetron sputtering of Zn and ZnO targets P3.5.14
J. Ferreira, L. Stafford, and R. Leonelli Optical emission spectroscopy of the flowing afterglow of a microwave N2/O2 plasma used for the modification of GaN nanowires P3.5.15
B. Sikimić, I. Stefanović, and J. Winter Measurement of ion fluxes in plasmas with nanopartlices P3.5.16
Bouabdellah Rahmani, Belkacem Saghi, Torkia Smaili,Georges Zissis Experimental study of chlorine effect on krypton chlorine excilamp P3.5.17
K. Teranishi, H. Kumegawa, H. Shimada, N. Shimomura and H. Itoh Measurement of ozone density distribution in a dielectric barrier discharge ozone generator using laser absorption method P3.5.18
Eugenio Fasci, Olivier Guaitella and Antoine Rousseau Optical-Feedback Cavity-Enhanced Absorption spectroscopy detects ppt traces of Formaldehyde for the validation of air plasma treatment system P3.5.19
A.A. Malinina, M.M. Guivan, L.L. Shimon Optical characteristics and parameters of DBD plasma based on multicomponent mixtures of mercury dibromide vapor with gases P3.5.20
B. Horvath, T. Lamara Time-resolved broadband optical absorption spectroscopy of Cr metallic vapor using an LED lightsource P3.5.21
6 A. I. V. Schweigert, V. I. Demidov, I. D. Kaganovich Active control of electron energy distribution function in dc discharge using an auxiliary electrode P3.6.1
B. Loncar, A. Vasic, S. Stankovic, G. Ilić The Influence of Dielectric Properties of Commercial Vacuum Interrupters P3.6.2
B. Loncar, M. Vujisic, S. Stankovic, G. Ilić Influence of Gas Parameters on the Spark Gap Functioning P3.6.3
M. Savić, M. Radmilović-Radjenović, M. Šuvakov, Z.Lj. Petrović First steps in obtaining Monte Carlo model for RF breakdown P3.6.5
B. Rojas, A. Bekstein, J. de Urquijo A genetic algorithm to optimize the fitting of avalanches observed from a pulsed Townsend experiment P3.6.7
F. J. Durán-Olivencia, F. Pontiga, C. Soria-Hoyo, A. Castellanos Multi-species simulation of Trichel pulses in oxygen P3.6.8
M Atanasova, E A D Carbone, G Degrez and J J A M van der Mullen Effect of the driving frequency on an atmospheric pressure RF capacitively coupled plasma in Argon P3.6.9
Arnaud Bultel, Julien Annaloro, Yacine Babou, Damien Lequang Modeling of the excitation non equilibrium of CO2 plasma flows obtained in high enthalpy wind tunnels P3.6.10
7 P. Selyshchev  Droplet growth in vapor under irradiation P3.7.4
P. G. C. Almeida, M. S. Benilov and M. J. Faria Self-organization as an intrinsic feature of DC glow microdischarges: predicting self-organization in different gases P3.7.6
9 E.Felizardo, E. Tatarova, J. Henriques, F.M. Dias, S. Espinho, C.M. Ferreira
and B. Gordiets
UV Emission from Microwave Plasmas P3.9.1
R. Rincon, H.V. Nguyen, N. Bonifaci, F Aitken, V. M. Atrazhev,
K. van Haeften and J. Eloranta
Cryoplasma in Helium at 4.5 K under different pressures.  P3.9.2
I. Sheykin, K. Dittmann, J. Meichsner, D. Loffhagen Fluid modeling of a ccrf discharge in oxygen P3.9.3
A. Shishpanov, A. Meshchanov, Y. Ionikh The breakdown in a long non-shielded discharge tube in low-pressure nitrogen. P3.9.4
Sudeep Bhattacharjee, Indranuj Dey, Krishanu Roy Chowdhury Observation of electron localization and asymmetric frequency sideband generation in bounded microwave-plasma interaction P3.9.5
Shail Pandey and Sudeep Bhattacharjee Transition from interpulse plasmas to afterglows in a pulsed microwave discharge P3.9.6
O. Leroy, B. Debord, P. Leprince, C. Boisse-Laporte,
L.L Alves, R. Jamier, F. Gérome, F. Benabid
Generation of plasmas in 100 µm diameter capillaries using a microwave excitation based on a surfatron P3.9.7
Aurel Salabas Plasma potential structure under the shower-head RF electrode P3.9.9
10 D. Maletić, N. Puač, N. Selaković, S. Lazović, G. Malović, A. Đorđević
and Z. Lj. Petrović
Time-resolved images of plasma bullet for different electrode geometries P3.10.1
M. Sabo, Y. Okuyama, Š. Matejčík NO+ generation and monoaromatic volatile organic compounds detection by IMS with positive corona discharge in wire to plate geometry  P3.10.2
Julio Henriques, Elena Tatarova, Ana Dias, Francisco Dias, Carlos Ferreira and Claudia Luhrs Carbon nanostructures synthesized by a microwave plasma torch  P3.10.3
O. Nedybaliuk, V. Chernyak, E. Martysh, T. Lisitchenko, O. Aktan, S. Orlovska Plasma Assisted Combustion of Paraffin Mixture P3.10.4
O. Solomenko, O. Nedybaliuk, V. Chernyak, E. Martysh, T. Lisitchenko,
V. Demchina and V. Kudryavzev
Plasma reforming of ethanol/water mixture in the plasma-liquid system with reverse vortex air/CO2 flow of “tornado” type with liquid electrode P3.10.5
F. Pontiga, H. Moreno, K. Hadji, K. Yanallah, A. Castellanos Experimental study of positive corona discharge in mixtures of CO2 and N2  P3.10.6
I. Marinov, O. Guaitella, A. Rousseau1 and S. Starikovskaia Spectroscopic and shadowgraphic investigation of nanosecond underwater discharge P3.10.7
A. S. Chiper and G. Popa Trapped gas-induced effects under pulsed DBD dynamics P3.10.8
V. Sarron, E. Robert, D. Riès, S. Dozias , J.M. Pouvesle Transfer of Pulsed Atmospheric-pressure Plasma Stream generated by a plasma gun P3.10.9
O. Guaitella, A. Bourdon, A. Rousseau Consequences of slightly different ground configurations on the propagation of ionisation waves inside capillary tubes P3.10.10
11 T. Lapushkina, A. Erofeev, S. Poniaev Plasma Control of Supersonic Body Streamline P3.11.1
T. Lapushkina, A. Erofeev, S. Poniaev Local MHD Influence on Shock Waves Position P3.11.2
M. Erofeev, V. Skakun, D. Schitz, V. Tarasenko Optical characteristics of atmospheric pressure dielectric barrier discharge plasma in Ar flow P3.11.3
M. D. Bowden, D. C. Barthaud, J. Kowal Application of microplasmas for satellite propulsion P3.11.4
S. Reuter, J. Winter, A. Schmidt-Bleker, H. Tresp, M. U. Hammer, K.-D. Weltmann Controlling the Ambient Air Affected Reactive Species Composition in the Effluent of an Argon Plasma Jet P3.11.5
F. Sigeneger, J. Schäfer, R. Foest, K.-D. Weltmann, D. Loffhagen Study on the formation of thin films using an rf non-thermal plasma jet at atmospheric pressure P3.11.6
Å. Fredriksen, N. Gulbrandsen, W. Miloch, A. Hansen, E. Scime Plasma flows in expanding magnetic field: simulations, probe and Laser Induced Fluorescence (LIF) measurements P3.11.7
E. Stamate and M. Salewski NOx reduction by ozone injection and direct plasma treatment  P3.11.8
Arnaud Bultel, Julien Annaloro, Vincent Morel, Pierre Omaly Relaxation of excited states calculated with CoRaM-Air, the CORIA's Collisional-Radiative model for air P3.11.9
I. Prysiazhnevych, V. Chernyak, V. Yukhymenko Influence of the discharge current and gas flow rate on the non-equilibrium level of plasma of the transverse arc in air at atmospheric pressure P3.11.10
Julien Annaloro, Arnaud Bultel and Pierre Omaly State-to-state modeling of a nitrogen plasma applied to the atmospheric entry problems P3.11.11
12 Yan Xu, Jiyan Zhang Analysis of the measured iron opacity data P3.12.1
J.Hoffman, T.Moscicki, W. Mróz, Z.Szymanski Laser-induced carbon plasma; modelling and experiment P3.12.2
A. Bartnik, P. Wachulak, H. Fiedorowicz, R. Jarocki, J. Kostecki, M. Szczurek  Photoionization of gases by EUV pulses from a laser-plasma source P3.12.3
E. Nedanovska, D. Riley, T. Morgan, L. Hüwel, W. Graham Thomson scattering and emission spectroscopy of laser sparks induced in pure He and He-N2 mixtures at 1atm  P3.12.4
C. Aragón, J. A. Aguilera, J. Manrique Estimation and control of self-absorption in laser induced breakdown spectroscopy. Application to Stark width measurements P3.12.7
Vincent Morel, Arnaud Bultel  Determination of electron parameters in nascent aluminum laser-induced plasma by means of Thomson scattering P3.12.8
M. Horňáčková, J. Plavčan, Z. Grolmusová, J. Rakovský, M. Kociánová, J. Tóth,
V. Porubčan, J. Svoreň and P. Veis
Evaluation of minor and trace elements in meteorite “Košice“ by calibrationfree laser induced breakdown spectroscopy P3.12.9