Tabarés, Francisco L. Tritium Inventory Control in ITER and the Chemistry of Carbon/Nitrogen Plasmas. TL3
Tacconi, Luciano Sustainable finishing of wollen fabrics by means of plasma treatment P1.4.8
Tahraoui, Abdellatif Dust grains trapping in magnetized electrostatic sheath P1.4.7
Takamatsu, Toshihiro High-Speed Reduction of Oxide Film and Surface Hydrophilization using Atmospheric Multi-Gas Plasma Jet P3.4.10
Takayama, Mitsuo Formation of hydrogen cyanide HCN under limited discharge conditions in non-reduced ambient air P2.3.5
Takeda, Akihide PT and SST Electron Energy Distribution and Transport Properties in Lucas-Saelee Model Gas P1.2.6
Takeda, Keigo High-speed synthesis and crystalinity control of nanographene using in-liquid plasma in alcohol HT8
Taktakishvili, Merab Multispark discharge in water as a method of environmental sustainability problems solution WS1.2
Tanarro, Isabel Time resolved diagnostics and kinetic modeling of the ignition transient of a H2+10%N2 square wave modulated hollow cathode discharge P1.1.7
Energy distributions of neutrals and ions in H2/D2 hollow cathode discharges P1.1.3
Tarasenko, Victor Optical characteristics of atmospheric pressure dielectric barrier discharge plasma in Ar flow P3.11.3
Tarnev, Khristo 2D self-consistent model of a hydrogen discharge inductively driven by a planar coil P1.9.9
Mode transition in a small-radius planar-coil inductively-driven discharge P1.5.21
Tatarova, Elena Pretreatment of sugarcane biomass by atmospheric pressure microwave plasmas P3.4.5
UV Emission from Microwave Plasmas P3.9.1
Microwave driven air-water plasmas GL1
Carbon nanostructures synthesized by a microwave plasma torch  P3.10.3
Tawidian, Hagop Dust particle growth kinetics in a sputtering discharge using Ar or Kr P2.7.1
Tejero Del Caz, Antonio Experimental study of the transition of the ion current to a cylindrical Langmuir probe from the orbital to the radial theory. P2.4.6
Temchin, Savelii Multispark discharge in water as a method of environmental sustainability problems solution WS1.2
Tempez, Agnes Evidence of aluminum oxides formation at polymer/Al substrate interface in atmospheric pressure discharges P2.4.3
The afterglow plasma of pulsed hollow cathode discharge - a high density metastable source P2.5.7
Tennyson, Jonathan Resonant vibration excitation cross sections and rate coefficients for electron–CO and CO2 scattering P1.1.4
Electron Collisions with N2+: Temperature Dependent Processes P1.1.11
Teodorescu, Maximilian Current-voltage characteristics of a RF plasma jet discharge with bare electrodes at low and atmospheric pressure P2.10.9
Teranishi, Kenji Measurement of ozone density distribution in a dielectric barrier discharge ozone generator using laser absorption method P3.5.18
Terças, Hugo Classical rotons due to light fluctuation and plasma-like effects in cold atomic traps P2.1.7
Testrich, Holger Gas phase products and kinetics in ethylenediamine plasma polymerization P2.3.11
The reactivity of thin plasmapolymerized ethylenediamine films  P2.3.2
Tholin, Fabien Numerical simulation of successive nanosecond pulsed discharges in air at atmospheric pressure P1.6.10
Thomas, Drew The Bohm criterion for flowing plasmas P1.4.10
Thomas, Gautier Optical properties of organic material produced in a dusty plasma P1.7.4
Thomas, Hubertus High-Voltage Nanosecond Pulse Discharge in a Low-Pressure Preionized Medium P1.9.4
Thomsen, H. Complex plasmas - a laboratory for selforganization GL4
Tian, Peng Control of Electron, Ion and Photon Distributions in Low Pressure Plasmas Using Pulsed Plasmas HT7
Tichý, Milan Gas flow velocity in the low pressure hollow cathode plasma jet sputtering system P3.5.8
Tillocher, Thomas Investigations in SF6 and Cl2/Ar plasmas used for titanium deep etching by means of mass spectrometry  P2.4.5
Timofeev, Alexander Distribution of metastable and resonance atoms in cathode region of low-pressure He-Xe discharge P1.6.12
Tinck, Stefan Modeling SiCl4/O2 plasmas used for depositing SiO2 coatings or mask damage recovery P2.3.1
Topala, Ionut About the polymerization of aromatic compounds under atmospheric plasma conditions P2.1.9
Structure-function relationships in the case of plasma modified proteins P2.3.7
Toth, Juraj Evaluation of minor and trace elements in meteorite “Košice“ by calibrationfree laser induced breakdown spectroscopy P3.12.9
Touchard, Sylvain Oxidation of an acetaldehyde/acetylene equimolar mixture by an atmospheric non-thermal plasma discharge P3.1.4
Diphasic process combining a fluidized catalytic bed and a plasma at atmospheric pressure for the degradation of volatile organic compounds WS1.5
Tresp, Helena Controlling the Ambient Air Affected Reactive Species Composition in the Effluent of an Argon Plasma Jet P3.11.5
Plasma-generated reactive species in liquids by a gas shielded atmospheric pressure plasma jet effluent P2.10.4
Trushkin, Nikolai Steady – state and pulsed – periodical regimes for generation of non – thermal plasma jets at atmospheric pressure GL2
Trushkin, Nikolay Three stages in development of a surface DBD in dense gases excited by a single negative high-voltage pulse  P2.10.3
Tsuprik, Ilia Self-organization of the anode spots and fluctuations of dc glow discharge parameters in atmospheric pressure helium P2.7.3
Tsyhanou, Dzmitry An Improved Kinetic Model for Highly Ionized N2-CH4 Shocked Flows P3.1.9