Author(s) Title Program number
Jaime de Urquijo, José Luis Hernández-Ávila, Eduardo Basurto, Gerardo Ruiz-Vargas and Antonio Juárez Effective ionization coefficients and limiting field strength of SF6-N2O and CF3I-SF6-N2 mixtures P1.1.1
Toshitsugu Gunji, Satoru Iizuka Conversion of CO2 to methane by a low-pressure hollow-cathode discharge  P1.1.2
Miguel Jiménez-Redondo, Esther Carrasco, Víctor J. Herrero, Isabel Tanarro Energy distributions of neutrals and ions in H2/D2 hollow cathode discharges P1.1.3
V. Laporta, J. Tennyson, R. Celiberto Resonant vibration excitation cross sections and rate coefficients for electron–CO and CO2 scattering P1.1.4
Koichi Sasaki and Renge Asakawa Optical emission intensity of molecular hydrogen in a recombining hydrogen plasma P1.1.5
A. Luque, F. J. Gordillo-Vázquez Mesospheric electric breakdown and delayed sprite ignition caused by associative electron detachment P1.1.6
Esther Carrasco, Víctor J. Herrero, Isabel Tanarro Time resolved diagnostics and kinetic modeling of the ignition transient of a H2+10%N2 square wave modulated hollow cathode discharge P1.1.7
Ž. Nikitović , V. Stojanović and Z. Lj. Petrović Modeling in Ar/H2 discharge P1.1.8
C. Foissac, J. Krištof, A. Annušová, P. Veis and P. Supiot Kinetics of N2(B3Pg) and N2(C3Pu) states in N2-Ar discharges sustained by a RF helical coupling device P1.1.9
A. Annušová, C. Foissac, J. Krištof, P. Veis and P. Supiot Vibrational Distribution Function of N2(C3Pu, v’) state in N2-Ar discharge created by a RF helical coupling device P1.1.10
D. A. Little, J. Tennyson Electron Collisions with N2+: Temperature Dependent Processes P1.1.11
S. Lovascio, N. Blin-Simiand, L. Magne, F. Jorand, P. Jeanney, S. Pasquiers Ethanol decomposition in Air Dielectric Barrier Discharges: experimental study and kinetic modeling P1.1.12
 E. Benova, P. Marinova, V. Marchev, M. Atanasova, Tz. Petrova Effect of gas discharge conditions on Argon surface-wave-sustained plasma kinetics P1.1.13
K. Omiya, I.M. Rusinov, S. Suzuki, H. Itoh Temperature dependence of ozone loss rate P1.1.15
Luis Alves and The Lxcat Team Status report on the LXCat project  P1.1.16
S. Béchu, A. Soum-Glaude, A. Bès, P. Svarnas, M. Bacal, A. Lacoste Surface mechanisms investigation for negative ion production P2.1.1
C. Küllig, K. Dittmann and J. Meichsner High and low electronegativity mode in cc-rf oxygen plasma P2.1.2
S. Suzuki, Y. Koizumi, H.Itoh Collisional quenching rate coefficient of N2(A3Σ+u) by xylene P2.1.3
Jelena Maljkovic, F Blanco, Gustavo Garcia, Bratislav Marinkovic and Aleksandar Milosavljevic Relative differential cross sections for elastic electron scattering by furan P2.1.4
V. Stojanović, Z. M. Raspopović, J. Jovanović, Ž. Nikitović and Z. Lj. Petrović Detachment rate for negative ions in Ar/BF3 discharges P2.1.5
G. Bandelow, R. Schneider, J. Meichsner Modeling and sensitivity studies of cc-rf CF4 plasma P2.1.6
H. Terças, J. T. Mendonça and V. Guerra Classical rotons due to light fluctuation and plasma-like effects in cold atomic traps P2.1.7
Alexandre Chicheportiche, Bruno Lepetit, Malika Benhenni, Florent Xavier Gadéa and Mohammed Yousfi  Integral cross sections of He+/He and He2+/He interaction systems for optimization of low temperature plasma sources for biomedical uses P2.1.8
M. Asandulesa, I. Topala, Y. M. Legrand, M. Dobromir, N. Dumitrascu About the polymerization of aromatic compounds under atmospheric plasma conditions P2.1.9
B. Lopez, M. Lino da Silva, V. Guerra, J. Loureiro Coupled Hydrodynamic/State-Specific High-Temperature Modeling of Nitrogen Vibrational Excitation and Dissociation P2.1.10
H. Latappy, O. Koeta, N. Blin-Simiand, M. Heninger, H. Mestdagh, S. Pasquiers Real-time analysis of acetaldehyde conversion by dielectric barrier discharge P2.1.11
S. Nguyen-Kuok, S. Hassanpour, A. Ageev Quantum-mechanical calculation of electron scattering on the atoms in the argon plasma P2.1.12
J. Gregório and L. C. Pitchford Swarm parameters in Cl2/rare gas mixtures P2.1.13
M. Klas, Š. Matejčík Electrical Breakdown in Water Vapor at micrometer separations  P2.1.15
Lucio Isola, Maia Lopez, Javier Cruceño and Bernardo Gómez Measure of the Ar(1sy) state densities by OES in Ar-N2 discharges P2.1.16
Aleksander Drenik, Alenka Vesel and Miran Mozetič Probability of Heterogeneous Recombination of Atomic Hydrogen on Fine-Grain Graphite Surface P2.1.17
R. Plašil, T. Kotrík, P. Dohnal, P. Rubovič, Š. Roučka, S. Opanasiuk, J. Glosík Collisional radiative recombination Ar+ + e– + e– in low temperature plasma P2.1.18
Namjun Kang, Soo-Ghee Oh, André Ricard and Lee Minwook Detection of N2(A) metastable molecules in the N2 RF afterglows P2.1.19
Ouya Koeta, Stéphane Pasquiers, Nicole Blin-Simiand, Abdouraman Bary and François Jorand Production of methyl nitrate and PAN following the decomposition of acetaldehyde in atmospheric gases P2.1.20
A. Bekstein, J. de Urquijo, F. J. Gordillo-Vázquez, G. Ruiz-Vargas Influence of pressure on the formation of negative ions in water vapour  P3.1.1
M. Danko, J. Országh, A. Ribar, Š. Matejčík Electron Induced Emission of Methane P3.1.2
A. Bekstein, C. Villavicencio, J. Figueroa, J. de Urquijo Electron detachment in N2O P3.1.3
Charles Klett, Zixian Jia, Sylvain Touchard, Arlette Vega, Michael Redolfi, Khaled Hassouni and Xavier Duten Oxidation of an acetaldehyde/acetylene equimolar mixture by an atmospheric non-thermal plasma discharge P3.1.4
E. A. D. Carbone, J. M. Palomares, S. Hübner, J.J.A.M. van der Mullen Unravelling in situ atomic and molecular kinetics by LCIF and Thomson scattering P3.1.6
T.T.J. Clevis, S. Nijdam, U. Ebert Slow decay of radiation after a pulsed streamer discharge in pure nitrogen P3.1.7
I. Zymak, M. Hejduk, D. Mulin, R. Plašil, D. Gerlich and J. Glosík Ternary association of H+ ions with H2; Experiments with normal and para-enriched hydrogen at 11 K  P3.1.8
Mario Lino Da Silva, Dzmitry Tsyhanou, Vasco Guerra and Jorge Loureiro An Improved Kinetic Model for Highly Ionized N2-CH4 Shocked Flows P3.1.9
W.Kamiński, J.Kęsik, P.Warda Influence of neon and argon admixtures on laser generation conditions of krypton ion lasers P3.1.10
A. Laricchiuta, G. Colonna, E. Bisceglie and M. Capitelli Electron-impact excitation cross sections for air kinetics WS2.3
F. Esposito, I. Armenise Rovibrationally detailed cross sections of atom-diatom collisions concerning air species WS2.4