Author(s) Title Program number
Ronald M. Gilgenbach, David Chalenski, Y.Y. Lau, Sonal Patel, Adam Steiner,
David Yager-Eliorraga, Matt Weis, Peng Zhang, Ian Rittersdorf and Jacob Zier
Magneto Rayleigh-Taylor Instability in Dense Plasmas P1.10.2
A. Hamdan, T. Belmonte, C. Nol, G. Henrion Bubble dynamics created by plasma in heptane P1.10.3
S.I.Gritsinin, A.M.Davydov, I.A.Kossyi Microwave coaxial plasma source (physics and applications) P1.10.4
Sebastien Mitea, Monika Zeleznik, Mark Bowden, Paul May, Neil Fox, Chantal Fowler and Bob Stevens Diamond-based microhollow cathode discharges P1.10.6
T. Verreycken, R. M. van der Horst, A. H. F. M. Baede, E. M. van Veldhuizen, P. J. Bruggeman Time and spatially resolved OH density in a nanosecond pulsed discharge in atmospheric pressure He-H2O mixtures P1.10.8
V. Uvarin, D. Kuznetsov, S. Lyubutin, B. Slovikovskii Compact generator of 240 kV atmospheric pressure nanosecond discharge P1.10.9
H. Akashi, T. Yoshinaga, A. Oda Effect of secondary electron emission on atmospheric pressure oxygen dielectric barrier discharges P1.10.10
N. A. Bogatov Threshold Measurements of Discharges from Floating Metal Particles in a Homogeneous Electric Field in Air P1.10.11
R. Rincn, M. Sez, MD. Calzada Argon plasmas produced by a microwave (2.45 GHz) TIAGO torch as function of gas flow and microwave input power P2.10.2
Yu. Akishev, G. Aponin, M. Grushin, V. Karalnik, A. Petryakov, N. Trushkin Three stages in development of a surface DBD in dense gases excited by a single negative high-voltage pulse P2.10.3
Helena Tresp, Malte U. Hammer, Kristian Wende, Mareike A. Ch. Hnsch, Jrn Winter, Ansgar Schmidt-Bleker, Kai Masur, Thomas von Woedtke, Klaus-Dieter Weltmann and Stephan Reuter Plasma-generated reactive species in liquids by a gas shielded atmospheric pressure plasma jet effluent P2.10.4
S. Stepanyan, I. Kosarev, S. Starikovskaia Electric field evolution in surface nanosecond dielectric barrier discharge P2.10.5
L. SimonchikPP, L. PitchfordPP, Y. Safronau Effect of the cathode surface temperature on the cathode fall layer parameters P2.10.6
F. Brehmer, S.Welzel, M. van der Schans, S. Ponduri, M.C.M. van de Sanden, R. Engeln CO2 dissociation studies in dielectric barrier discharges P2.10.7
V. Stepanova, J. Vorac, P. Slavicek Modification of the properties of animal fibers using dielectric barrier discharge at atmospheric pressure P2.10.8
M. Teodorescu, E. R. Ionita, M. Bazavan, G. Dinescu Current-voltage characteristics of a RF plasma jet discharge with bare electrodes at low and atmospheric pressure P2.10.9
M. Santos, C. Nol, T. Belmonte, L.L. Alves Surface-wave discharges in helium at atmospheric pressure: simulations vs. Experiments P2.10.10
D. Maletić, N. Puač, N. Selaković, S. Lazović, G. Malović, A. Đorđević
and Z. Lj. Petrović
Time-resolved images of plasma bullet for different electrode geometries P3.10.1
M. Sabo, Y. Okuyama, . Matejčk NO+ generation and monoaromatic volatile organic compounds detection by IMS with positive corona discharge in wire to plate geometry P3.10.2
Julio Henriques, Elena Tatarova, Ana Dias, Francisco Dias, Carlos Ferreira and Claudia Luhrs Carbon nanostructures synthesized by a microwave plasma torch P3.10.3
O. Nedybaliuk, V. Chernyak, E. Martysh, T. Lisitchenko, O. Aktan, S. Orlovska Plasma Assisted Combustion of Paraffin Mixture P3.10.4
O. Solomenko, O. Nedybaliuk, V. Chernyak, E. Martysh, T. Lisitchenko,
V. Demchina and V. Kudryavzev
Plasma reforming of ethanol/water mixture in the plasma-liquid system with reverse vortex air/CO2 flow of tornado type with liquid electrode P3.10.5
F. Pontiga, H. Moreno, K. Hadji, K. Yanallah, A. Castellanos Experimental study of positive corona discharge in mixtures of CO2 and N2 P3.10.6
I. Marinov, O. Guaitella, A. Rousseau1 and S. Starikovskaia Spectroscopic and shadowgraphic investigation of nanosecond underwater discharge P3.10.7
A. S. Chiper and G. Popa Trapped gas-induced effects under pulsed DBD dynamics P3.10.8
V. Sarron, E. Robert, D. Ris, S. Dozias , J.M. Pouvesle Transfer of Pulsed Atmospheric-pressure Plasma Stream generated by a plasma gun P3.10.9
O. Guaitella, A. Bourdon, A. Rousseau Consequences of slightly different ground configurations on the propagation of ionisation waves inside capillary tubes P3.10.10
C.M. Ferreira and E. Tatarova Microwave driven air-water plasmas GL1
N. Trushkin, Yu. Akishev, M. Grushin, V. Karalnik and A. Petryakov Steady state and pulsed periodical regimes for generation of non thermal plasma jets at atmospheric pressure GL2
William G. Graham Plasmas in Liquids and their Applications GL8
M. Hori, H. Kondo, T. Hagino, K. Ishikawa, K. Takeda, H. Kano, M. Sekine High-speed synthesis and crystalinity control of nanographene using in-liquid plasma in alcohol HT8