Author(s) Title Program number
J. Amorim and J. Loureiro Broadening of hydrogen lines produced by H2++H2 → H3++H reaction with an energy-dependent cross section  P1.2.1
B. Bernecker, A. Piquemal Interactive diagnostics for a pulsed electron beam transport in plasma P1.2.2
S. Mazouffre, D. Gerst, S. Cuynet, M. Cirisan Plasma drift in a low-pressure magnetized RF discharge P1.2.3
 G. Afsahi, H. Behnejad, A. H. Jalili, L. A. Viehland Gaseous ion mobility of SO2+ ions in He and Ar P1.2.4
Hirotake Sugawara Stochastic scattering process to induce inward electron flow in electron conduction path between antiparallel gradient magnetic fields P1.2.5
A. Takeda, N. Ikuta PT and SST Electron Energy Distribution and Transport Properties in Lucas-Saelee Model Gas P1.2.6
Y. Okuyama, M. Sabo, S. Suzuki, Š. Matejčik, H. Itoh Measurement of negative ion mobility in ultra high purity O2 at atmospheric pressure P1.2.7
I. V. Schweigert, A. L. Alexandrov Afterglow of rf discharge with nanoparticles  P1.2.8
 A. Janeco, N. R. Pinhão, V. Guerra Study of the electron kinetics in He/CH4/CO2 mixtures for Syngas production P1.2.9
R. Rincón, H.V. Nguyen, N. Bonifaci, F Aitken, V. M. Atrazhev,
K. van Haeften
Mobility of negative and positive ions in liquid and gaseous Helium at 4.5 K under different pressures.  P1.2.10
R. Celiberto Electron-molecule collision processes in non-equilibrium molecular plasmas GL3