Author(s) Title Program number
Stefan Tinck, Werner Boullart, Annemie Bogaerts Modeling SiCl4/O2 plasmas used for depositing SiO2 coatings or mask damage recovery P2.3.1
H. Testrich, V. Stranak, R. Hippler, J. Meichsner The reactivity of thin plasmapolymerized ethylenediamine films  P2.3.2
V. Mazankova, V. Sazavska, L. Radkova, F. Krcma Plasmachemical Removal of Corrosion Layers from Brass P2.3.3
D. Piroi, M. Magureanu, N.B. Mandache, V.I. Parvulescu Toluene oxidation by non-thermal plasma combined with palladium catalysts  P2.3.4
Kanako Sekimoto and Mitsuo Takayama Formation of hydrogen cyanide HCN under limited discharge conditions in non-reduced ambient air P2.3.5
T. Murakami, K. Niemi, T. Gans, D. O’Connell, W. G. Graham Plasma chemistry in atmospheric-pressure He-O2 plasmas in humid air P2.3.6
I. Topala, R. Jijie, B.G. Rusu, V. Pohoata, N. Dumitrascu Structure-function relationships in the case of plasma modified proteins P2.3.7
N. Derkaoui, C. Rond, O. Brinza, M. Wartel, A. Gicquel Chemical kinetics of H2/CH4 plasmas for high pressure/high power growth conditions used in diamond MPACVD  P2.3.8
E. Gazza, E. Marotta, C. Ceretta, E. Ceriani, V. Shapoval, M. Schiorlin and C. Paradisi Characterization of non-thermal atmospheric plasmas applied for the degradation of organic pollutants in air and in water with Optical Emission Spectroscopy (OES)  P2.3.9
N. R. Pinhão, A. Janeco, L. M. Redondo, H. Canacsinh, J. Branco Influence of the voltage waveform of a DBD discharge on the conversion of CH4 and CO2 P2.3.10
J. Meichsner and H. Testrich Gas phase products and kinetics in ethylenediamine plasma polymerization P2.3.11
D. C. Schram PLASMA CHEMISTRY and ASTROPHYSICAL PLASMAS, Differences and similarities P2.3.12
L. Nemcova, F. Krcma, C. P. Kelsey , W. G. Graham Enhancement of plasma generated H2O2 in water by the addition of ethanol P2.3.13
J. Jánský, A. Bourdon Simulation of helium discharge dynamics in thin dielectric tubes at atmospheric pressure and discharge interaction with tube surface P2.3.14