Author(s) Title Program number
 Chyhin Vasyl Physical mechanisms of negative corona complicated current pulsation P1.4.1
 E. Skladnik-Sadowska, K. Czaus, K. Malinowski, M.J. Sadowski, J. Zebrowski,
K. Nowakowska-Langier, I.E. Garkusha, M. K. Ladygina
 Studies of Deuterium-Plasma Interaction with a Tungsten Target at Different Energy Fluxes P1.4.5
E. Skladnik-Sadowska, K. Czaus, K. Malinowski, M.J. Sadowski, J. Zebrowski,
R. Kwiatkowski, M. Kubkowska, I.E. Garkusha, M. Ladygina
Interaction of Intense Pulsed Plasma Streams with CFC Targets P1.4.6
S. Chekour, A. Tahraoui, B. Zaham Dust grains trapping in magnetized electrostatic sheath P1.4.7
E. Fatarella, L. Parisi, F. Peruzzi, L. Corsi, L. Tacconi, R. Basosi, R. Pogni Sustainable finishing of wollen fabrics by means of plasma treatment P1.4.8
 M. Palmucci, R. Snyders, S. Konstantinidis Time- and Energy-resolved Mass Spectrometry Study of a Reactive High-Power Impulse Magnetron Sputtering Discharge P1.4.9
D. M. Thomas, C. T. N. Willis, J. E. Allen, M. Coppins The Bohm criterion for flowing plasmas P1.4.10
 M. Inoue, M. ITO, T. OHTA, M. HORI Film properties of indium-zinc-oxide films using RF magnetron sputtering evaluated by optical diagnostics in gas phase P1.4.11
Kishor Kumar K, L. Couedel, C. Arnas and F. Onofri Tungsten nanoparticle formation in plasma discharges P1.4.12
S. Welzel, S.A. Starostin, H. de Vries, M.C.M. van de Sanden, R. Engeln Gas phase studies during roll-to-roll processing of polymers in air-like atmospheric pressure DBDs P3.4.1
E. C. Neyts, A. Bogaerts Understanding plasma growth of SWNTs: Effect of electric field and ion bombardment  P3.4.3
Francisco Dias, Neli Bundaleska, Rafael Saavedra, Elena Tatarova, Carlos Ferreira and Jayr Amorim Pretreatment of sugarcane biomass by atmospheric pressure microwave plasmas P3.4.5
Johannes Berndt, Eva Kovacevic, Hamid Acid, Thomas Strunskus and Laifa Boufendi Low temperature plasmas as a source for nanostructured organic surfaces with controlled wettability P3.4.7
Brankica Sikimić, Igor Denysenko, Ilija Stefanović, Jörg Winter The effect of the thin film at the electrodes on the sheath size and ion flux in an argon plasma afterglow P3.4.8
Eva Kovacevic, Johannes Berndt, Hamid Acid and Laifa Boufendi Low temperature plasma deposition of thin films/nanoparticles from methyl methacrylate P3.4.9
Naoki Nakashima, Moe Shibata, Toshihiro Takamatsu, Ryota Sasaki,
Hidekazu Miyahara, and Akitoshi Okino
High-Speed Reduction of Oxide Film and Surface Hydrophilization using Atmospheric Multi-Gas Plasma Jet P3.4.10
D. Marinov, O. Guaitella, C. Corbella, T. de los Arcos, A. von Keudell, A. Rousseau Probing adsorption and reactivity of nitrogen atoms on silica surface under plasma exposure P3.4.11
C. Barakat, P. Gravejat, O. Guaitella, A. Rousseau Adsorbed and Gas Phase Study of the Oxidation of Isopropanol on TiO2 Using Non Thermal Plasma for Surface Regeneration P3.4.12
André Ricard and J.P Sarrette  Transmission through hollow tubes of N-atoms produced by N2 and Ar-1%N2 flowing microwave afterglows. P2.4.1
F. Kassubek, J. Lehmann Application of entropy production maximisation to evaporation of atoms P2.4.2
A. Groza, A.Surmeian, C.Diplasu, C.Luculescu, A.Tempez, M.Ganciu Evidence of aluminum oxides formation at polymer/Al substrate interface in atmospheric pressure discharges P2.4.3
N. Brémare, S.Y. Hyun, P. Boubert High enthalpy air plasma / SiC surface interactions P2.4.4
Thomas Tillocher, Judith Golda, Philippe Lefaucheux, Bertand Boutaud, Pierre Ranson and Rémi Dussart Investigations in SF6 and Cl2/Ar plasmas used for titanium deep etching by means of mass spectrometry  P2.4.5
J. M. Díaz Cabrera, M. V. Lucena Polonio, J. I. Fernández Palop, R. Morales Crespo,
M. A. Hernández, A. Tejero-del-Caz and J. Ballesteros
Experimental study of the transition of the ion current to a cylindrical Langmuir probe from the orbital to the radial theory. P2.4.6
A Ahmad, P Kumar, C Pardanaud, M Carrčre, J M Layet, D Eon, A Gicquel, R Engeln and G Cartry Negative-ion surface production in hydrogen plasma: production mechanisms on different carbon surfaces P2.4.8
D. Marinov, V. Guerra, O. Guaitella, A. Rousseau Ozone production in O2 plasma at low pressure: surface or gas phase mechanism?  P2.4.9
A. Granier, S. Jacq, D. Li, M. Carette, A. Goullet Investigation of plasma surface interactions in pulsed O2/TTIP low pressure ICP plasma by time resolved optical emission spectroscopy  P2.4.10
D Marinov, D Lopatik, O Guaitella, M Hübner, Y Ionikh, J Röpcke and A Rousseau Surface vibrational relaxation of N2 studied by infrared titration with time resolved Quantum Cascade Laser diagnostics P2.4.11
P. L. Sant'Ana, J. R. R. Bortoleto, E. C. Rangel, N. C. Cruz,
L. C. M. Botti, C. A. R. Anjos
Plasma Surface Treatment of Commercial Polymers for use in Food Packaging P2.4.12
P. L. Sant'Ana, J. R. R. Bortoleto, E. C. Rangel, N. C. Cruz, S. F. Durrant
E. A. A. Medeiros, N. F. F. Soares
Surface Treatment of Commercial Polymers for Food Packaging by Plasma Immersion Ion Implantation P2.4.13
Ostrikov, Kostya Small energy for small things: plasma nanoscience for a sustainable future GL7
Cvelbar Uros, Aleksander Drenik, Eleršič Kristina, Lazović Saša, Filipič Gregor, Mozetič Miran, Stana Kleinschek Karin and Peršin Zdenka Plasma reshaping carbon: The role of plasma species in surface interactions with carbon  HT2