Author(s) Title Program number
S. S. Ivković, B. M. Obradović, and M. M. Kuraica Electric Field Measurement in Multipeak Mode of DBD in Helium-Hydrogen Mixture P2.5.1
N. Cvetanović, B. M. Obradović, M. M. Kuraica Detection of energetic hydrogen atoms in a pulse glow discharge P2.5.2
Bang-Dou Huang, Xi-Ming Zhu, Wen-Cong Chen, Yi-Kang Pu Spatially-resolved measurement of electron density in a microwave-excited Ar/Kr split-ring resonator microplasma P2.5.3
G. Dilecce, P.F. Ambrico, M. Simek and S. De Benedictis OH density measurement by LIF and time-resolved broad band absorption spectroscopy in atmospheric pressure DBD with He(Ar)-H2O and small O2 additions P2.5.5
M. Šimek, G. Dilecce, V. Prukner, P.F. Ambrico,
S. De Benedictis, V. Babický, J. Schmidt
Temporal evolution of the N2(C3Πu) vibrational levels produced by single surface streamer in N2-O2 mixtures P2.5.6
A Surmeian, C Diplasu, A Groza, A.Tempez, P Chapon, M Ganciu The afterglow plasma of pulsed hollow cathode discharge - a high density metastable source P2.5.7
A. Soum-Glaude, S. Béchu, A. Bès, K. Hassouni, A. Lacoste H atom density measurement using a combination of optical emission spectroscopy and Langmuir probes diagnostics P2.5.8
C. Küllig, T. Wegner, K. Dittmann and J. Meichsner Instabilities in cc-rf oxygen plasma P2.5.9
M. Dünnbier, J. Winter, S. Iseni, A. Schmidt-Bleker, K-D Weltmann,
S. Reuter
Space resolved ozone detection in the effluent of a cold atmospheric pressure plasma jet P2.5.10
S. Nemschokmichal, J. Meichsner Temporal and spatial resolved density of the metastable N2(A) molecule in barrier discharges P2.5.11
Isabelle Géraud-Grenier, François Faubert and Véronique Massereau-Guilbaud Generation and characterization of hydrogen amorphous carbon nitrile particles and mass spectrometric study of the CH4/N2 radio-frequency plasma. P2.5.12
S. Jacq, C. Cardinaud, L. LeBrizoual, A. Granier Kinetics of H atoms in pulsed CH4 – H2 plasmas. P2.5.13
Zh. Kiss’ovski, A. Ivanov, St. Kolev Probe diagnostics of a small microwave discharge at atmosheric pressure P2.5.15
Erik Wagenaars, Timo Gans, Deborah O’Connell, Kari Niemi Atomic nitrogen measurements in an atmospheric-pressure plasma jet P2.5.16
M. Bogaczyk, G. B. Sretenovi´c, H.-E. Wagner Townsend-like and glow-like diffuse discharge modes in barrier discharges operating in helium P2.5.17
M. Bogaczyk, S. Nemschokmichal, G. B. Sretenovic, J. Meichsner, H.-E. Wagner Spatio-temporally resolved investigation of surface charges, N2(A) metastables and the discharge development in diffuse N2 barrier discharges P2.5.18
K. Gazeli, L. T. Doanh, F. Clément, P. Svarnas,
A. Ricard, D. Duday, T. Belmonte
Spectroscopic study of atmospheric pressure plasma jets generated with DBD in gas mixtures of He – Ar – N2 P2.5.19
D. Le Quang, Y. Babou and P. Andre Non equilibrium spectroscopic diagnostics of supersonic air plasma jet P2.5.20
S. Welzel, S.A. Starostin, H. de Vries, M.C.M. van de Sanden, R. Engeln Gas phase IR studies on the dissociation of organo-silicon precursors in high-current dielectric barrier discharges P2.5.21
Saša Lazović, Kosta Spasić, Nevena Puač, Gordana Malović, Uroš Cvelbar, Miran Mozetič and Zoran Lj. Petrović Spatial profiles of atomic oxygen concentrations in a large scale CCP reactor P2.5.22
J. Y. Zhang, R. Ichiki, Y. Kawai Sheath Potential Measurements in Negative Ion Plasma P1.5.1
A. Nikiforov, L. Li, Q. Xiong, N. Britun, R. Snyders, Ch. Leys, X. P. Lu Time and spatial resolved laser induced spectroscopy of O atoms and OH radicals in 13.56 MHz RF plasma jet. P1.5.2
J. Muñoz, J. Margot, and M. Chaker Absorption spectroscopy measuremente of argon metastable and resonant atomic densities in a low pressure Ar/N2 ICP P1.5.3
Jean-Paul Booth, Nshant Sirse, Quentin Delivre and Pascal Chabert  Gas temperature and electron density measurements in Ar and Ar-Cl2 ICP discharges P1.5.4
M.J. Sadowski, K. Czaus, K. Malinowski, E. Skladnik-Sadowska, J. Zebrowski Energy-, Mass- and Time-Resolved Measurements of Fast Ions Emitted from Plasma Discharges P1.5.5
M. A. Ridenti, J. A. Souza-Corrêa, J. Amorim Measurements of the Ar+ energy distribution from an atmospheric surface wave discharge in pure Ar and Ar-O2 mixture P1.5.6
L Li, A Nikiforov, Q Xiong, N Britun, R. Snyder, X Lu and C Leys LIF spectroscopy of OH radicals and the electron temperature in the effluent of atmospheric RF JET in Ar-H2O mixtures P1.5.7
G. Wattieaux, L. Boufendi Electrical characterization of the correlation between the dust particles size and the plasma sheath impedance in a capacitively coupled radiofrequency dusty discharge P1.5.8
M. Kettlitz, H. Höft, T. Hoder, K.-D. Weltmann, and R. Brandenburg Comparison of pulsed and sinusoidal operated barrier discharges P1.5.9
A. Mahjoub, A. Gouveia, N. Carrasco, C.D. Pintassilgo, L. Marques,
M. M. D. Ramos, L.L. Alves, G. Cernogora
 RF capacitively coupled plasmas in N2-H2 mixtures P1.5.10
J. Winter, A. Hecimovic, T. de los Arcos, M. Böke,V. Schulz-von der Gathen, A. Pflug Instabilities in High Power Pulsed Magnetron Plasmas P1.5.11
N. Britun, T. Godfroid, and R. Snyders Time-Resolved Optical Emission Spectroscopy of a Surfaguide Flowing Gas Microwave Discharge P1.5.12
 S. Hübner, E.A.D. Carbone, J.M. Palomares, J.J.A.M. van der Mullen Approaching the edges of a surfatron microwave plasma by Thomson scattering P1.5.14
 Mark W. Kelly, James C. Richley and Michael N.R. Ashfold C/H/O plasmas for diamond growth: density measurements of key plasma species using cavity ring down and optical emission spectroscopy P1.5.15
Tsv K Popov, M Mitov, A Bankova, P Ivanova, M Dimitrova,
S Rupnik, J Kovačič, T Gyergyek
, M Čerček, F M Dias
Langmuir Probe Evaluation of the Negative Ion Density in Oxygen Gas Discharge Magnetized Plasma P1.5.16
A.V. Pipa, T. Hoder, J. Koskulics, M. Schmidt, R. Brandenburg Experimental estimation of capacitances in pulsed barrier discharges  P1.5.17
T. Hoder, J. Paillol, R. Brandenburg On the discharge mechanism and electric field strength development in negative corona Trichel pulses in atmospheric pressure air P1.5.18
S. Ponduri, S. Welzel, F. Brehmer, M. Ma, M.C.M. van de Sanden, R.Engeln Fuel synthesis through CO2 reduction in a plasma expansion P1.5.19
T. Defais, C. Noël, T. Belmonte, G. Henrion Threshold ionization mass spectrometry and optical emission spectroscopy characterization of Ar/O2/N2 microwave discharge P1.5.20
Kh. Tarnev, I. Koleva, St. Lishev, Ts. Paunska, S. Iordanova, A. Shivarova Mode transition in a small-radius planar-coil inductively-driven discharge P1.5.21
S. Nguyen-Kuok, S. Fedorovich, V. Chinnov Determining electron temperature and density in RF plasma torches P3.5.1
S. Fedorovich, Yu. Malakhov, S. Nguyen-Kuok A method diagnostic of RF plasma torches in ultra-violet range  P3.5.2
I.M.F. Bragança, P.A.R. Rosa, F.M. Dias, L.L. Alves Experimental and modelling characterization of micro-EDM plasmas P3.5.3
G.D. Stancu, D.A. Lacoste, C.O. Laux Investigations of carbon monoxide emission in methane flames stabilized by nanosecond pulsed discharges using Mid-IR QCLAS P3.5.4
O. Levasseur, L. Stafford, N. Gherardi, and N. Naudé Diagnostic of atmospheric-pressure He discharges controlled by dielectric barriers in presence of porous wood samples P3.5.5
D. Mendil, H. Lahmar, L. Boufendi, D. Ouadjaout, L. Henni, D. Louhibi, K. Henda Study of spacial evolution of EEDFs and plasma parameters in RF-CCP argon stochastic mode discharge by Langmuir probe P3.5.6
M. Procházka, L. Blahová, F. Krčma, R. Přikryl In-situ monitoring of thin film deposition process using optical emission spectroscopy P3.5.7
J. Klusoň, P. Kudrna and M. Tichý Gas flow velocity in the low pressure hollow cathode plasma jet sputtering system P3.5.8
Arnaud Bultel, Vincent Morel Collisional-radiative modeling of a thermal Helium beam penetrating the edge plasma of a Tokamak P3.5.9
J. Bredin, L. Popelier, V. Godyak, P. Chabert and A. Aanesland Evolution of electron temperature and negative ion density through a magnetic barrier P3.5.10
M. Hübner, D. Marinov, O. Guaitella, N. Lang, A. Rousseau, J. Röpcke A temperature study of a low pressure, pulsed dc plasma using quantum cascade laser absorption spectroscopy (QCLAS) P3.5.11
E. A. D. Carbone, S. Hübner, E. Iordanova, N. de Vries,
M. Jimenez-Diaz, J. M. Palomares and J.J.A.M. van der Mullen
Discrepancies between different electron Temperature diagnostics: probing the Electron Energy Distribution Function P3.5.12
P. Dankov, Zh. Kiss'ovski  Hairpin Probe Sensitivity for Determination of Plasma Density P3.5.13
Lanoir Maaloul, Luc. Stafford, and Andranik Sarkissian Investigation of the role of sputtered particles on the plasma properties during rf-magnetron sputtering of Zn and ZnO targets P3.5.14
J. Ferreira, L. Stafford, and R. Leonelli Optical emission spectroscopy of the flowing afterglow of a microwave N2/O2 plasma used for the modification of GaN nanowires P3.5.15
B. Sikimić, I. Stefanović, and J. Winter Measurement of ion fluxes in plasmas with nanopartlices P3.5.16
Bouabdellah Rahmani, Belkacem Saghi, Torkia Smaili,Georges Zissis Experimental study of chlorine effect on krypton chlorine excilamp P3.5.17
K. Teranishi, H. Kumegawa, H. Shimada, N. Shimomura and H. Itoh Measurement of ozone density distribution in a dielectric barrier discharge ozone generator using laser absorption method P3.5.18
Eugenio Fasci, Olivier Guaitella and Antoine Rousseau Optical-Feedback Cavity-Enhanced Absorption spectroscopy detects ppt traces of Formaldehyde for the validation of air plasma treatment system P3.5.19
A.A. Malinina, M.M. Guivan, L.L. Shimon Optical characteristics and parameters of DBD plasma based on multicomponent mixtures of mercury dibromide vapor with gases P3.5.20
B. Horvath, T. Lamara Time-resolved broadband optical absorption spectroscopy of Cr metallic vapor using an LED lightsource P3.5.21
M. Kettlitz, H. Höft, T. Hoder, K.-D. Weltmann, and R. Brandenburg Comparison of pulsed and sinusoidal operated barrier discharges HT4