Author(s) Title Program number
A. Michau, G. Lombardi, L. Colina Delacqua, M. Redolfi, C. Arnas, X. Bonnin, and K. Hassouni Self-consistent Modeling of Particle Growth in DC dusty Discharge P1.6.1
Mustapha Zakari, Hubert Caquineau, Pierre Ségur, Fréderic Bras, Nicolas Gherardi, Nicolas Naudé and Pierre Descamps  Numerical modelling of an atmosperic pressure plasma reactor using control volume methods and unstructured grids  P1.6.2
S. Mohr, E. Schuengel, J. Schulze, U. Czarnetzki The influence of field reversals on the DC self bias in capacitive RF-discharges P1.6.3
M.M. Becker, F. Sigeneger, D. Loffhagen On the description of electron transport in fluid models P1.6.4
P. Diomede, P.A. Delattre, E.V. Johnson, J.P. Booth, S. Longo, D. J. Economou,
M. Capitelli
Hybrid Model of Parallel Plate RF Discharges in H2: Effect of DC and Tailored Voltage Waveforms P1.6.5
R. Westermann, R.Engeln, M.C.M.v.d.Sanden Processes in subsonic expanding thermal argon plasmas P1.6.6
Z. Bonaventura, M. Duarte, A. Bourdon, M. Massot, S. Descombes, T. Dumont Numerical simulation of the interaction of two streamer discharges in air P1.6.9
F. Tholin, A. Bourdon Numerical simulation of successive nanosecond pulsed discharges in air at atmospheric pressure P1.6.10
Yu. Golubovskii, S. Gorchakov, H. Lange, A. Timofeev, D. Uhrlandt,
J. Winter
Distribution of metastable and resonance atoms in cathode region of low-pressure He-Xe discharge P1.6.12
M. Baeva, A. Bösel, J. Ehlbeck, D. Loffhagen Self-consistent 2D fluid modelling of a microwave excited plasma in argon P1.6.13
F. Pechereau, J.Jánský, A.Bourdon Numerical study of the influence of plane dielectric obstacles in the path of a streamer discharge in air at atmospheric pressure P2.6.1
A. Obrusník, Z. Bonaventura, S. Potocký, A. Kromka Numerical simulation of large area microwave plasma system for deposition of nanocrystalline diamond films P2.6.2
G. J. M. Hagelaar, J. Gregório, D. Douai Modeling of ITER glow discharge cleaning P2.6.3
C. Rond, N. Derkaoui, R. Salem, F. Benedic,A. Michau, K. Hassouni, A. Gicquel Modelling of microwave plasma used for thick highly boron doped diamond deposition P2.6.4
A. Markosyan, S. Dujko, U. Ebert High order fluid model for ionization fronts in streamer discharges P2.6.5
P. Simon, A. Bogaerts Modelling of an atmospheric pressure dc glow discharge P2.6.6
J. Claustre, M. Paulin, B. Chaudhury, G. Fubiani, J.P. Boeuf Particle-In-Cell Monte Carlo Collision model on GPU (Graphics Processing Units) - Application to a low temperature magnetized plasma P2.6.7
B. Chaudhury, J.P. Boeuf, G. Fubiani, J. Claustre Currents through a magnetic filter in a low temperature plasma P2.6.8
L. Garrigues, N. Oudini, G.J.M. Hagelaar, and J.P. Boeuf Ion and fast atom beams in an End-Hall ion source: a numerical study P2.6.9
L.L. Alves, B. Debord, F. Gérôme, R. Jamier, F. Benabid Modelling of microwave-driven micro-plasmas in HCPCF P2.6.10
N. Oudini, A. Meige, A. Aanesland, J.L. Raimbault, P. Chabert, L. Garrigues, and
G.J.M. Hagelaar
One-dimensional Particle-In-Cell simulations of the sheath dynamic in ion-ion plasmas P2.6.11
L. Garrigues, P. Coche, G.J.M. Hagelaar, and J.P. Boeuf A particle test Monte-Carlo model to understand electron-wave interactions in a Hall Effect Thruster P2.6.12
Raoul Franklin Two Dimensional Plasma Configurations P2.6.13
Jose Gregorio and Leanne Pitchford Modelling of cathode boundary layer discharges in Kr/Cl2 mixtures P2.6.15
A. I. V. Schweigert, V. I. Demidov, I. D. Kaganovich Active control of electron energy distribution function in dc discharge using an auxiliary electrode P3.6.1
B. Loncar, A. Vasic, S. Stankovic, G. Ilić The Influence of Dielectric Properties of Commercial Vacuum Interrupters P3.6.2
B. Loncar, M. Vujisic, S. Stankovic, G. Ilić Influence of Gas Parameters on the Spark Gap Functioning P3.6.3
M. Savić, M. Radmilović-Radjenović, M. Šuvakov, Z.Lj. Petrović First steps in obtaining Monte Carlo model for RF breakdown P3.6.5
B. Rojas, A. Bekstein, J. de Urquijo A genetic algorithm to optimize the fitting of avalanches observed from a pulsed Townsend experiment P3.6.7
F. J. Durán-Olivencia, F. Pontiga, C. Soria-Hoyo, A. Castellanos Multi-species simulation of Trichel pulses in oxygen P3.6.8
M Atanasova, E A D Carbone, G Degrez and J J A M van der Mullen Effect of the driving frequency on an atmospheric pressure RF capacitively coupled plasma in Argon P3.6.9
Arnaud Bultel, Julien Annaloro, Yacine Babou, Damien Lequang Modeling of the excitation non equilibrium of CO2 plasma flows obtained in high enthalpy wind tunnels P3.6.10
N. Dyatko, Y. Ionikh, A. Meshchanov, A. Napartovich Experimental and theoretical study of the influence of nitrogen admixture on characteristics of dc glow discharge in rare gases at intermidiate pressures HT1
Sang-Heon Song, Michael D. Logue, Yiting Zhang, Peng Tian and Mark J. Kushner Control of Electron, Ion and Photon Distributions in Low Pressure Plasmas Using Pulsed Plasmas HT7