Author(s) Title Program number
B. Fleury, N. Carrasco, T. Gautier, A. Mahjoub, G. Cernogora On the infuence of CO on a dusty N2-CH4 CCP RF discharge P1.7.1
 V. Nosenko, A. V. Ivlev, G. E. Morfill Microstructure of a liquid complex (dusty) plasma under shear P1.7.2
A. Melzer, A. Schella, J. Schablinski, D. Block, A. Piel Phase transitions in finite particle clusters in dusty plasmas P1.7.3
A. Mahjoub, N. Carrasco, P.-R. Dahoo, T. Gautier, C. Szopa, and G. Cernogora Optical properties of organic material produced in a dusty plasma P1.7.4
 A. Gouveia, A. Mahjoub, N. Carrasco, L. Marques, L.L. Alves, G. Cernogora, C.D.Pintassilgo Experimental characterization of capacitively coupled radio-frequency discharges in N2-CH4 P1.7.5
Bp Pandey, S.V. Vladimirov and Aa Samarian  Shear driven instabilities in dusty plasmas P1.7.6
R. Wild, L. Stollenwerk Breakdown of order in a self-organised barrier discharge P1.7.7
 J. T. Ouyang, S. W. Xu, X. X. Duan, I. Aslam, F. He Evolution of filamentary pattern in glow dielectric barrier discharge system P1.7.8
H. Tawidian, M. Mikikian, T. Lecas, I. Géraud-Grenier, V. Massereau-Guilbaud Dust particle growth kinetics in a sputtering discharge using Ar or Kr P2.7.1
V.I. Arkhipenko, Y.A. Safronau, L.V. SimonchikPP, I.M. Tsuprik Self-organization of the anode spots and fluctuations of dc glow discharge parameters in atmospheric pressure helium P2.7.3
Dmitry Lopatik, Frank Hempel, Brankica Sikimić, Ilija Stefanović, Jörg Winter and
Jürgen Röpcke
On the hydrocarbon kinetics in dust producing symmetrically driven rf plasmas P2.7.4
Shinya Iwashita, Giichiro Uchida, Julian Schulze, Edmund Schüngel, Peter Hartmann,
Kazunori Koga, Masaharu Shiratani, Zoltán Donkó, Uwe Czarnetzki
Development of dust particle manipulation method in capacitively coupled plasmas via the Electrical Asymmetry Effect P2.7.5
L. D’yachkov, S. Savin, M. Myasnikov, O. Petrov, V. Fortov,
A. Kaleri, A. Borisenko 
Coulomb clusters in a cusp magnetic trap under microgravity condition P2.7.6
O. Levasseur, A. Bouarouri, N. Naudé, R. Clergereaux, N. Gherardi and L. Stafford Organization of dielectric barrier discharges in the presence of structurally-inhomogeneous wood substrates P2.7.7
P. Selyshchev  Droplet growth in vapor under irradiation P3.7.4
P. G. C. Almeida, M. S. Benilov and M. J. Faria Self-organization as an intrinsic feature of DC glow microdischarges: predicting self-organization in different gases P3.7.6
M. Bonitz, H. Kählert, P. Ludwig, T. Ott, H. Thomsen, H. Löwen, D. Block, A. Melzer, and A. Piel Complex plasmas - a laboratory for selforganization GL4
P. G. C. Almeida and M. S. Benilov Self-organization as an intrinsic feature of DC glow microdischarges: modelling appearance of different spot patterns HT3