Author(s) Title Program number
N. Carrasco, T. Gautier, E. Es-sebbar, P. Pernot, G. Cernogora Mimicking Titan’s upper atmosphere reactivity with a RF-capacitively coupled N2-CH4 plasma P1.8.1
Bp Pandey and S.V. Vladimirov Plasma magnetisation and Farley-Buneman Instability P1.8.2
A. G. Oreshko The acceleration of charged particles in plasma at the separation of charges and generation of electrical domains P1.8.3
A. G. Oreshko The effects of anomalous passing of ball lightning through absorbing filters and generation of dark spherical formation P1.8.4
D. Resendes, J. Loureiro, M. Lino da Silva, and B. Lopez Gaussian superposition model for electron density profiles of hypersonic entries in Earth’s atmosphere P1.8.5
E. Schüngel, S. Mohr, J. Schulze, U. Czarnetzki Capacitive H2 and H2 SiH4 plasmas driven by electrically asymmetric voltage waveforms P2.8.1
A.V. Klochko, J. Lemainque, S.M. Starikovskaia Experimental study of fast gas heating in a capillary nanosecond discharge P2.8.2
N. Sasaki, M. Nogaku, A. Yoshimura, Y. Uchida Characteristics of small-bore glow discharge positive columns in neon-nitrogen gas mixtures P2.8.3
L. Colina Delacqua, M. Redolfi, A. Michau, G. Lombardi, K. Ouaras, K. Hassouni, X.
Design and qualification of a low pressure / high density ECR dipolar plasma reactor used for synthesis of mixed material dust P2.8.5
A. Lacoste, S. Béchu, G. Regnard, A. Bès, J. Pelletier  Top-to-tail microwave plasma sources with extended operating conditions P2.8.6
S. R. Gocić, N. Škoro, D. Marić and Z. Lj. Petrović Spatial structure of the low-pressure discharge in nitrogen – influence of surface conditions P2.8.7
A. Oda, H. Kousaka Numerical Simulation on Fundamental Properties in Low-Pressure Radio-Frequency CH4 Plasmas for Diamond-Like Carbon Films P2.8.8
J. Sivoš, N. Škoro, D. Marić, G. Malović and Z. Lj. Petrović Axial emission profiles of Townsend discharge in water vapour P2.8.9
A. Aanesland, L. Popelier, N. Oudini and P. Chabert Space charge neutralisation of continuous dual ion beams P2.8.10
U. Ebert Thunderstroms as electron accelerators and the discharge zoo above the clouds GL5