Author(s) Title Program number
S.I.Gritsinin, A.M.Davydov, I.A.Kossyi Advances of contemporary gas-discharge fundamental physics and based on them new microwave plasma sources P1.9.1
Yoshio Watanabe, Tomohiro Yamaguchi Effect on the Electrode Characteristics by the Metal Ring Encircling the Electrode P1.9.3
Mikhail Pustylnik, Lujing Hou, Alexei Ivlev, Leonid Vasilyak, Hubertus Thomas, Gregor Morfill and Vladimir Fortov High-Voltage Nanosecond Pulse Discharge in a Low-Pressure Preionized Medium P1.9.4
L. Schiesko, P. Franzen, U. Fantz and NNBI Team Investigation of the plasma parameters in the expansion region of a negative hydrogen ion source for fusion P1.9.5
S. Briefi, U. Fantz, G. Lieder Investigations of indium halides as radiator in ICPs for lighting applications P1.9.6
Vasco Guerra, Namjun Kang, Minwook Lee, Soo-ghee Oh and André Ricard Kinetics of the nitrogen pink afterglow in the presence of oxygen impurities P1.9.7
J. Schulze, E. Schüngel, S. Siepa, U. Czarnetzki Coupling effects in inductive discharges with RF substrate biasing P1.9.8
Ts. Paunska, A. Shivarova, Kh. Tarnev 2D self-consistent model of a hydrogen discharge inductively driven by a planar coil P1.9.9
Z. El Otell, M. D. Bowden, N. St. J. Braithwaite A simple optical emission spectroscopy technique for detecting EEDF changes in low-pressure pulsed-RF plasma P1.9.10
E.Felizardo, E. Tatarova, J. Henriques, F.M. Dias, S. Espinho, C.M. Ferreira
and B. Gordiets
UV Emission from Microwave Plasmas P3.9.1
R. Rincon, H.V. Nguyen, N. Bonifaci, F Aitken, V. M. Atrazhev,
K. van Haeften and J. Eloranta
Cryoplasma in Helium at 4.5 K under different pressures.  P3.9.2
I. Sheykin, K. Dittmann, J. Meichsner, D. Loffhagen Fluid modeling of a ccrf discharge in oxygen P3.9.3
A. Shishpanov, A. Meshchanov, Y. Ionikh The breakdown in a long non-shielded discharge tube in low-pressure nitrogen. P3.9.4
Sudeep Bhattacharjee, Indranuj Dey, Krishanu Roy Chowdhury Observation of electron localization and asymmetric frequency sideband generation in bounded microwave-plasma interaction P3.9.5
Shail Pandey and Sudeep Bhattacharjee Transition from interpulse plasmas to afterglows in a pulsed microwave discharge P3.9.6
O. Leroy, B. Debord, P. Leprince, C. Boisse-Laporte,
L.L Alves, R. Jamier, F. Gérome, F. Benabid
Generation of plasmas in 100 µm diameter capillaries using a microwave excitation based on a surfatron P3.9.7
Aurel Salabas Plasma potential structure under the shower-head RF electrode P3.9.9
J. Schulze, A. Derzsi, K. Dittmann, T. Hemke, J. Meichsner, Z. Donkó Ionization by drift and ambipolar electric fields in electronegative capacitive radio frequency plasmas HT6