Author(s) Title Program number
J. Benedikt, S. Schneider, J.-W. Lackmann, B. Denis, J. Bandow Plasma chemistry in the effluent of a He/O2 microplasma jet: the role of VUV photons TL1
E. Marotta, M. Schiorlin, E. Gazza, C. Paradisi Decomposition of mixtures of organic compounds in atmospheric plasma TL2
Francisco L. Tabarés Tritium Inventory Control in ITER and the Chemistry of Carbon/Nitrogen Plasmas. TL3
O. Guaitella, D. Marinov, C. Barakat, V. Guerra, A. Rousseau Molecules formation with adsorbed O atoms: how to investigate surface reactivity from fundamentals to applications TL4
J.S. Sousa, Q.Th. Algwari, L.J. Cox, L.M. Graham, J. Waskoenig, K. Niemi, D. O'Connell, T. Gans Cold atmospheric pressure plasma jets as sources of reactive oxygen species for biomedical applications TL5
Th. Callegari, B. Bernecker, S. Blanco, R. Fournier, J.P. Boeuf Generation, annihilation and motion of self-organized filaments in dielectric barrier discharges TL6
B. Mitu, S. D. Stoica, S. Vizireanu Plasma deposition of carbon-based materials: diagnostic studies  TL7
Z. Kozakova, F. Krcma, M. Vasicek, L. Hlavata, L. Hlochova, P. Vanraes Generation of pin-hole discharges in liquids TL8