Author(s) Title Program number
Jonathan Phillips and Claudia C. Luhrs Microwave Plasma Produced Materials For Energy Applications WS1.1
J. A. Souza-Corrêa, C. Oliveira, J. Amorim Ozone Measurements by Absorption Spectroscopy Applying Dieletric Barrier Discharges at Atmospheric Pressure for Sugarcane Bagasse Treatment WS1.2
E. Benova Cylindrical and coaxial surface-wave-sustained plasma for environmental applications WS1.3
M. Jiménez , R. Rincón, M.D. Calzada Hydrogen production from ethanol decomposition by a surface wave discharge at atmospheric pressure WS1.4
E.M.Barkhudarov, I.A.Kossyi, S.I.Gritsinin, Yu.N.Kozlov, S.M.Temchin, M.I.Taktakishvili Multispark discharge in water as a method of environmental sustainability problems solution WS1.5
R. Engeln, S. Welzel, F. Brehmer, S. Ponduri, M. Creatore, M.C.M. van de Sanden Plasma-assisted CO2 processing for energy storage WS1.6
Arlette Vega, Zixian Jia, Sylvain Touchard, Khaled Hassouni, Andrei Kanaev and Xavier Duten Diphasic process combining a fluidized catalytic bed and a plasma at atmospheric pressure for the degradation of volatile organic compounds WS1.7
Carlos Matos Ferreira and Mario Capitelli 50 Years of Non-Equilibrium Kinetics in Laser Physics, Geophysics and Plasma Chemistry: a Tribute to Boris Gordiets WS2.1
António Varandas Recent progress on accurate ab initio-based potentials and dynamics: atmospheric NxOy triatomic systems and beyond WS2.2
A. Laricchiuta, G. Colonna, E. Bisceglie and M. Capitelli Electron-impact excitation cross sections for air kinetics WS2.3
F. Esposito, I. Armenise Rovibrationally detailed cross sections of atom-diatom collisions concerning air species WS2.4
M. Lino da Silva, V. Guerra and J. Loureiro  Modeling of diatom-diatom collisions using the Forced Harmonic Oscillator method, and high temperature kinetics applications WS2.5
C. O. Laux and A. Lemal Radiative transition probabilities and electron-impact excitation cross-sections for the VUV system of N2 WS2.3