Yager-Eliorraga, David Magneto Rayleigh-Taylor Instability in Dense Plasmas P1.10.2
Yamaguchi, Tomohiro Effect on the Electrode Characteristics by the Metal Ring Encircling the Electrode P1.9.3
Yanallah, Khelifa Experimental study of positive corona discharge in mixtures of CO2 and N2  P3.10.6
Yoshimura, Akitaka Characteristics of small-bore glow discharge positive columns in neon-nitrogen gas mixtures P2.8.3
Yoshinaga, Tomokazu Effect of secondary electron emission on atmospheric pressure oxygen dielectric barrier discharges P1.10.10
Yousfi, Mohammed Integral cross sections of He+/He and He2+/He interaction systems for optimization of low temperature plasma sources for biomedical uses P2.1.8
Yukhymenko, Vitalij Influence of the discharge current and gas flow rate on the non-equilibrium level of plasma of the transverse arc in air at atmospheric pressure P3.11.10