Zaham, Bouzid Dust grains trapping in magnetized electrostatic sheath P1.4.7
Zakari, Mustapha Numerical modelling of an atmosperic pressure plasma reactor using control volume methods and unstructured grids  P1.6.2
Zdenka, Peršin Plasma reshaping carbon: The role of plasma species in surface interactions with carbon  HT2
Zebrowski, Jaroslaw Energy-, Mass- and Time-Resolved Measurements of Fast Ions Emitted from Plasma Discharges P1.5.5
Interaction of Intense Pulsed Plasma Streams with CFC Targets P1.4.6
 Studies of Deuterium-Plasma Interaction with a Tungsten Target at Different Energy Fluxes P1.4.5
Zeleznik, Monika Diamond-based microhollow cathode discharges P1.10.6
Zhang, Jing Sheath Potential Measurements in Negative Ion Plasma P1.5.1
Zhang, Jiyan Analysis of the measured iron opacity data P3.12.1
Zhang, Peng Magneto Rayleigh-Taylor Instability in Dense Plasmas P1.10.2
Zhang, Yiting Control of Electron, Ion and Photon Distributions in Low Pressure Plasmas Using Pulsed Plasmas HT7
Zhu, Xi-Ming Spatially-resolved measurement of electron density in a microwave-excited Ar/Kr split-ring resonator microplasma P2.5.3
Zier, Jacob Magneto Rayleigh-Taylor Instability in Dense Plasmas P1.10.2
Zissis, Georges Experimental study of chlorine effect on krypton chlorine excilamp P3.5.17